Groundhog Day

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Seems like I’m just stuck in Groundhog Day here. The time continuum here is in flux, never staying static. I’m having a very hard time keeping track of which day of the week it is. Plus, with the sleeping so hit or miss, the nights are longer than long.

I’m doing physical therapy in Vail twice a day, so that sort of keeps me on a schedule somewhat. Since it is President’s Weekend, it is crazy crowded up here, which makes the commute unpredictable. Just exiting in Vail can take up to 15 minutes.

Trudi dragged me over Old Chicago pizza last night to watch the KU/Texas game. There was an hour and a half wait, but we just sat in the bar and ate. KU seemed to be back to normal after their 3 game implosion.

My friend Ann, from Austin, is running the Austin Marathon this morning. Good luck to her. Maybe Lance can do that when he is 50 after he spills his guts to USADA? Do hold your breathe on that one.

I rode the erogometer for 15 minutes down in the garage here. No hands. I can’t say I felt stellar. Actually, I have no idea how I felt, I never once looked at the resistance. I plan to get on a schedule for that too, as soon as I can stay awake during the daytime.

Okay, have to get dressed and head over to Vail for PT. Today the sessions are spread out by 5 hours. Hopefully I can get them to squeeze them closer together. I would hate to miss my all afternoon nap.

Big 15 minute workout in the garage.

Big 15 minute workout in the garage.

We're watching Vincent''s dog, Jack.  Jack always steals your chair as soon as you get up.

We’re watching Vincent”s dog, Jack. Jack always steals your chair as soon as you get up.

8 thoughts on “Groundhog Day

  1. H Luce

    Get someone up there, maybe your friend who builds frames, to make you a support for your ergometer so you can be in the same position you usually ride in without using your arms – i.e. a (padded) piece of plywood supporting your torso and arms, with a space cut out for your chin, supported by some tubing or something which clamps onto the handlebars…

  2. Graham

    Really enjoy reading your work.
    I am wondering if the lack of O2 at Vail makes recovery more difficult. I am thinking ( perhaps incorrectly) that less O2 in the blood makes it harder to heal from the surgery , both in terms of system/respitory stress and in terms of blood transport and pulmonary recovery.???
    Given your earlier comments about altitude it made me curious
    Thanks and keep writing and inspiring

  3. Just Crusty

    I’m a loyal reader now 3 weeks into recovery from knee replacement on 1/28.
    The recovery is probably similar — sleep a few hours, take a pill, move around a little, sleep, pill, move…..
    Guess you could say, I feel your pain.

  4. Calvin Jones

    OH NO!!! THE DREADED TUNTURI!!! That thing looks like it has had some miles, if terms of distance can be used for something that goes no where. Tunturi’s were (are?) pretty good machines, if you like that sort of thing. That one has the brake pad feature, not the belt. Nice flywheels, a key feature for ergometers. Appears to be a deep drop bar as well. I will say ITM’s, laying down $5.00.

  5. Ron

    Yeah, how about a review on that Tunturi? I think Rocky used one while training in Krasnogourbinsk to fight Drago.

  6. Franz

    Did you travel with that Tunturi or do you have a supply of them spread out around the country? I rode one at Michael’s and liked it. I passed up buying one a few years ago for $10 and regret it. I have something similar now but it is heavier.

  7. Bryan

    I hope you are out of Vail before Spring Breaks start. If you think it was a madhouse during a three day weekend, you haven’t seen anything yet.


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