Training in the Warmth

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I know I said I was going to post something about the Lance extravaganza after the 2nd episode, but I don’t have the energy right now. I didn’t get much out of the 2nd night. Here’s the best piece I’ve read so far on the deal. It’s by Bonnie D. Ford, and it’s a commentary for ESPN called Still moving reflexively in the rubble. Pretty good title. I’ll do something eventually.

I did manage to get out on my bike for over 3 hours yesterday, even though the wind was gusting up to 40 mph. I tend to try to ride in side wind as much as possible when it’s blowing that hard. It was a chore. I don’t feel exactly normal on my bike yet. I’ve only ridden 3 times outside since I crashed, so it is to be expected I guess. My shoulder is much better than it was a week ago, but it’s never going to be even 50% without getting it fixed.

I’m flying to California this afternoon to do a little mini training session in the warm, 75 degree weather, plus get a super secret, maybe not so secret now, tune on my Di2 shifters. I’d tried my best to locate the USB cable that allows interface between the shifters and a computer, but couldn’t seem to come up with one. So, I’ll take the shifters to the maker I guess. Not very green.

I’m packed super light. Didn’t really decide to go until yesterday. I don’t understand how airlines price their tickets anymore. It used to be a week in advance, or two weeks, a month, etc. Now the prices go up and down all the time. A ticket to San Diego was $556 on Southwest and $150 to Orange County. Coming back it was only $86. That is on Frontier, where bikes fly free. Pretty good deal in these times.

I am looking forward to just riding a few days, and resting if I feel I need it. It is 12 days until I have to race, so I’m going to play it by ear. I was going pretty well just a week ago and am not sure I’m still not okay. Hopefully I’ll figure that out soon.

We’re going to Louisville on Sunday, really just one day before I have to ride a qualifying race for start position. That is really not an issue and I am looking forward to racing a little before the race. I like racing a course more than once. It lowers the chances of making any silly mistakes. And I’ve already made at least one big mistake recently, so I can’t really afford a bunch more of the stupid ones.

Okay, I’m going for a ride this morning, then heading to the airport. It is going to be weird getting off a plane and it’s going to be like summer. I just remembered I should grab some short pants to wear.

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6 thoughts on “Training in the Warmth

  1. Bernd Faust

    Lance was always a weirdo in my eyes view. i wonder if he orchestrated all this the dopingtimes, Livestrong and the now and future. He is smart and calculating, so i am not surprised if his current gimmick is just part of the whole Lance. Maybe he is bipolar . he should use some medical condition to be freed from his deathpenalty…..he should compete again in triathlon’s and forest gump marathon’s etc….Lance is so entertaining and weird at the same time. Better than the Hollywood artifical Movieworld…….

  2. Joe Saling

    Steve, I just did my “training in the warmth” spending the first two weeks of Jan. in Anguilla. rode 13 days and got some quality training. A few more hard days and then begin a taper. We’ll see if this approach helps a really old bikie! See you in Louisville and hope the shoulder and time off the bike don’t slow you down much.

  3. Tony

    Anguilla, nice. One of my favorite spots. Never biked there however. I’d imagine you’d have to ride the circumference of that island a few times to get anything long in.

  4. Tommasini53

    The article by Bonnie D. Ford you reference is great…I think it is important to read the accounts from people that endured LA’s rath for the past decade when considering his “apology”.

    I hope people can just ignore LA so he has to goes away, forever; no cameras …no interviews. Just him and his PR minions faxing out press releases to a world that doesn’t care about him or “redemption 1.0”.

    Good luck with the training….good idea going some place warm. It ain’t going to be warm in the mid-west this week. I hope the sunshine and warm temps help the shoulder heal. There are no healing properties in our single-digit windchills.


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