8 thoughts on “Podium Shot from Last Week

  1. Wildcat

    Yep. It’s 2nd place.

    However, I LOVE the look on the face of 5th place.

    Sad, but that’s how I feel after most races.

  2. Ryan

    Come on Steve, you know you’re supposed to raise both arms. Very poor podium etiquette. (Just screwing with you, heal up soon)

  3. Calvin Jones

    Nice pic, get well, be a good person, cute mouse, nice cat/dog, all of that.

    Okay, so now, how about the bike? Was it damaged in Madison? Any changes for KY? Pit crew all set? You haven’t said.

  4. tilford97 Post author

    Yep, 2nd. I couldn’t tell, but I knew because I was there, sort of.

    No bike damage, Calvin, except for power spraying into my headset, wheel bearing, etc. I only got each bike power sprayed once, and they were toast. Needed new cables, changed the bottom bracket on one, and a headset. But, that is the price you pay to get the mud off I guess.

  5. Calvin Jones

    Yes, sorry about that. More staff and units would have helped. We needed a completely different post race wash area away from the pits. Something with a new-age-sensitive washer, or a gentle hose, plus brushes, buckets for the non-race washes. During the race we were trying to turn a bike under a minute, so H2O happens.

    I understand you didn’t pit for your race?

  6. Sam

    Wildcat, That’s what someone looks like when they have just raced with the flu, including a fever, chills etc. Notice I was kind enough to wear gloves. If I didn’t look happy on the podium, it’s because I was so sick and couldn’t wait to get out of there and also, because I didn’t go to Madison to place 5th.

    Best of luck to everyone competing at Worlds. We’ll be rooting for you!


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