Makes me Look like I’m Drawing with Crayons

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Also, when I’ve solved all the problems of humans competing against each other with bicycles, then I will locate my deck chair and sail off into the mists of leisure, a destinationless cruise. I have ideas for how to get there, but most of them depend on the better natures of those who would vie for the prizes, and I have found (perhaps your results vary) that mostly when the prizes get big enough, the natures of those who vie for them get compromised in mostly irredeemable ways.

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3 thoughts on “Makes me Look like I’m Drawing with Crayons

  1. Robot

    Steve, your recommendation means an awful lot to me. I don’t know what more to say. I’m a little gob-smacked, as our British friends say. Thank you.

  2. Big E

    I have been a fan of Padraig and Robot for a while. Robot has helped my family and I come to terms with some difficult times with his writting. He is a very eloquent witer. We are all lucky to be able to read his words. And thank you Steve. You have given us all an peek into a world that most of us will never really know about. Its fascinating stuff and I thoroughly enjoy it.


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