News Flash – Big Tobacco Slays Lance Armstrong

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I was going to let sleeping dogs lie, but when I read this article at, I couldn’t pass it up. The article quotes an attorney for Lance that implies that USADA and big tobacco are in cohootes to bring down Lance. The article states that one of Lance’s lawyers, Timothy Herman, sent a letter to USADA’s General Councel, William Bock, that among other things states, It points to an impending “farce” with the release of the USADA report “written by USADA with the significant assistance of lawyers from one of Big Tobacco’s favorite law firms at a time when Lance Armstrong is one of America’s leading anti-tobacco advocates.

I don’t even know where to start here. I guess it would have to be with what happened to Lance’s “move on” catch phrase. Here it is in case you missed it. “Yeah, others won’t move on. It’s sad. I’m aware that it’s out there. It’s like, why are you continuing? You got what you wanted; Lance Armstrong never did anything in his life. Great. For some, it’s like, shouldn’t you be out training and focusing on what you’re doing? Fucking move on. So strange.” I guess Tim missed the memo.

Then 2nd, it would be that I thought he was done defending and particpiting in this silliness. Maybe no one is paying this Tim Herman guy and he is just sending letters out on his own. But, the article does state that he is an attorney for Lance, so that seems a little ridiculous.

And third, where do they come up with this shit? Can you imagine a bunch of high paid attorneys sitting around, strategizing, and coming up with this spin? Let’s tie USADA in with big tobacco and make it seem that big tobacco is behind this since Lance is “a leading anti-tobacco advocate”?

I’m not an expert on Lance Armstrong, and I realize that smoking and cancer go hand in hand, but I wouldn’t call Lance a leading anti-tobacco advocate. I’m not sure who I would call that. It is readily known that smoking is not good for people. And that 2nd hand smoke is bad too. I’ve never seen Lance do a commercial on anti-tobacco. I’ve seen the new anti-smoking commercials, but it is usually a sick, dying person that shows the ill effects of a life time of smoking. No elite athletes that I’ve seen yet.

Even the most stanch Lance supporter has to realize this idea was asinine. This is all going to be moot when the USADA evidence is released. It just amazes me the extent that these guys will go to spin doctor the whole thing before the information is released. It’s not like Lance didn’t have a chance to defend himself originally. Public perception is important I guess. It doesn’t really matter much to me, but when you are down to grasping for straws, it might be all you have.

12 thoughts on “News Flash – Big Tobacco Slays Lance Armstrong

  1. eddysboy

    wasn’t Bristol Meyer Squibb a big sponsor of Armstrong/Postal? Hmm..big pharma connection….hmmm..Lance Pharmstrong.

    Payback can be hell

  2. Jpete

    Always good to start the morning off with a chuckle. Waitaminute-Wiggo was smoking, so he has ties to Big Tobacco, which has ties to USADA, which is trying to bring down LA! Wiggo did it! Or perhaps it was Colonel Mustard.

  3. Steve Wathke

    This makes me think of 2 sayings. #1. Never ever ever give up and #2. Deny deny deny. It’s working because I want to believe in Lance. Then again Im moving on. Lance was fun to watch and for every action there is a complete and opposite reaction. If he used drugs to get ahead then he will have to pay for that. His life expectancy will be shortened. Ps I used to smoke and when I quit I didn’t quit because of any athlete or actor telling me it was bad for me. I quit because I wanted to.

  4. Christopher Bluhm

    Lance’s lawyers have now reached the pinnacle of ridiculousness. I used to be a fan. I just wish Lance could figure out a way to tell the truth. Maybe we’ll get it when he’s on his deathbed. Maybe he’ll continue to lie forever. Really, the whole thing is just sad now.

  5. Christopher Bluhm

    From a article today:

    “…in a press release issued this morning, USADA states that its 1000 page dossier not only includes testimony from 26 individuals, including 15 riders “with knowledge of the US Postal Service Team (USPS Team) and its participants’ doping activities”, but also “direct documentary evidence including financial payments, emails, scientific data and laboratory test results that further prove the use, possession and distribution of performance enhancing drugs by Lance Armstrong”.

  6. Jpete

    The Shizzle has finally started hitting the fan on the other sites! ‘Bout effin time. check out can’t wait for the specifics.

  7. Dave Frederick

    Steve….this is far more personal than you portray. For generations, many members of our own family have died young due to a hereditary inability to fight to the deadly effects of tobacco. I can guarantee that Lance Armstrong has never done a single thing to save any of us from tobacco……not even a postal card of warning.
    Your cousin, Dave


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