Living History Video from 1988

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This video was done by some students from Topeka West High School back in 1988 when I was racing for Wheaties/Schwinn. The class picked out 2 “famous” people from Kansas and did a video of their lives. The other person they picked in my year was Dennis Hopper. They had some weird stories to tell about that endeavor. It does drag some early, actually, it kind of drags some intermittently. Anyway, if you don’t have anything else to do, enjoy.

Dennis Hopper was in the David Lynch movie Blue Velvet, in 1986. Man, that was a creepy movie.

12 thoughts on “Living History Video from 1988

  1. Wildcat

    I thought the part was funny about when your cycling career is over you would make a great coach.

    24 years later and counting…

  2. Steve Wathke

    Trudi stole the show! Dang!
    Good story though. I’ve got 3 brothers and they are 1 and 2 years younger than me. This seemed like a story about brothers more than anything. I consider my brothers my best friends. No matter how much we fight each other we always have each others back.

  3. Bill K

    I found this Roster with a few minutes work..

    The 1989 Team Wheaties Roster:

    Mike Farrell, Manager

    [1] Tom Broznowski [2] Chris Carmichael [3] Tom Craven [4] Volker Diehl “Dr Deutschmark [5] Mike Engleman [6] Tim Rutherford [7] Doug Smith [8] Steve Tilford [9] Hatton “Gibby” Gilbert [10] Glenn Winkel [11] Shaun Wallace [12] Marcel “Sui” Luchinger [13] Tom Armstrong [14] Michael Vaarten “the Chief”.

  4. Hugh Cooper


    Thanks for posting this. I lost me copy many years ago. It was a lot of fun to make and I have lots of fond memories. Interviewing your brother was great, he was so excited about the project. We asked him our first question and 90 minutes later we got to ask our second. We were worried about running out of video tape. Also, going to Florida and watch you race was amazing. One memory I will always have was getting to ride in the team car and feed everyone one during the race. It was really great. Thanks for taking the time to help a couple of kids out with their project and thanks again for posting this.

  5. Hugh Cooper


    Thank you for posting this. I lost my copy years ago. It was great fun to make this. I remember how excited Kris was. When we interviewed him we asked our first question and then 90 minutes later we asked our second. There was concern that we did not have enough video tape. Going to Florida and riding in the team car was very cool. Trying to feed everyone out the car widow was amazing. Meeting your teammates both current and past was unbelievable. Talking with Andy Hampstead and Greg Lemond( who is not as nice as he should be) was a treat for a kid who actually knew who they were. Anyway, not to be too lng winded. Thanks for the experience and for posting the video. It means a lot that you have not forgotten it.

  6. jo river

    Thanks Steve for your frank honesty and opinions….I wonder about Horner…why is he getting a free pass?


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