Post Chequamegon

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I think I’ll write up the race tomorrow. The internet up here is pretty slow, so it is a bit frustrating, plus it seems like a shame to waste anymore of the day than necessary on the computer when I am up here in nature.

After the race yesterday, the was our normal wood chopping ritual to get to. It started off a little slowly, with Bill and I working on our own for the first 30 minutes. Then it got into full swing. I don’t know what the final count was, but there were close to 20 people, cutting, splitting, gathering and stacking wood. We probably cut close to the whole season of Dennis’ fire wood in one afternoon. My ears are still ringing this morning from the saw.

Dennis is making pancakes for everyone right now. Pat, dad, and Gwen are heading back to MSP. The rest of us are going to go ride the new, fun single track that heads off North, by the bottom of the Seely Fire Tower, today. Then I’m going to go ride motocross bikes with my friend, Pete Caron, later in the afternoon. I haven’t ridden motorcycles off-road more than a handfull of times in my life, but I’m trying to do more fun stuff nowadays and not get so set in my ways.

I’m not too bad from yesterday. I did get jarred awake at 6 am by a bad calf cramp. I never cramp in my calves, so it is a little worrisome. It was exactly where I had the DVT a few months ago. That probably isn’t a good thing. Might have to check up on that when I get home.

Okay, enough of this, Bromont wants me to go out in the woods with him.

It was a great warm up Saturday morning behind the tandem of Kent and Katie.

Some of the masses after the race yesterday.

The wood crew in motion.

Dog play got in the way of the stacking. Gwen is looking a little worried about the whole ruckus.

Dennis serving margaritas to the workers. Chainsaws , mauls and alcohol are always a good mix.

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