Chequamegon Results

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Matt Busche, Nissan-RadioShack, won the race today up here in the North woods. He dropped Mike Anderson, Bissell, with less than 2 miles to go. I was having a pretty off day. I finished 10th, which was about the best I could have done, which is good, I guess. I rode the last 1/2 the race by myself, after getting popped out of the front group on a road section. I’ll write more later. Here is a link to the complete results. There is a bunch of wood to cut, split, and stack. Plus, margaritas to drink.

Matt telling me the play by play of the finish.

Top 20. Click twice to enlarge.

10 thoughts on “Chequamegon Results

  1. Mike Hall

    Fast-fast pace, good ride Steve. Jeff took a year off, says he’ll be back.

    I missed hopping around the course through the woods and seeing the race unfold. It was only the second Chequamegon I haven’t attended since 1985.


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