No Sleep

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Those two words pretty much describe me right now. I stayed up way too late screwing around with my cross bikes for the clinic this morning in Kansas City. I love working on bikes, that is a big part of the attraction of the sport to me. There aren’t many sports where the equipment aspect of the sport is so enjoyable, or important. Especially in cross. I’m going to be reading this in a few months and won’t believe I wrote it because I’ll be so sick and tired or messin’ with cross bike, but now it seems new and refreshing.

Okay, I really have to get going. I’m hoping not to be a zombie out there today, though I did sleep a few hours. It is always fun showing people how to get faster on a bike. Especially cyclocross, since it is very easy to make improvements.

Titanium is the perfect material for a cyclo-x bike. Virtually indestructible, perfect for power spraying, and no paint to chip off. I hope to have electronic shifting on my bikes soon. Until then I’m sticking with 7800. I hate having to unwrap my bar tape to chance the shift cables all season.

9 thoughts on “No Sleep

  1. seis.pendejos

    I always tell people to remember that the sleep you got two nights before an event is much more important than the sleep you got the night before an event.

  2. Tanner Culbreath

    I thought electric was overrated, but after riding a friends bike for three days with DI2, I am sold. It’s not only simple, but effortless and thoughtless. You want a gear, push the button….anytime. The only prob for cross would be dexterity in the cold. I would think big gloves would make a miss-shift easier.

  3. Mike Bourland

    Nice bike. Met Kent this summer at his shop in Steamboat. Would love to have him make me a road bike.

  4. Jeong

    Hi Steve. I ride a ti cross bike as well. Looking forward to starting my cross season after a 15 year absence.

    Q: What is your gearing set up, chainring and cogset? (If you don’t mind sharing.)



  5. peter

    who does your bike set up on that cross bike for you? Its pretty shaky. Maybe you should come see me when I am in Lawrence next weekend.


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