15 thoughts on “Get Off of My Cloud

  1. Wild Weasel

    if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. go frolic with the kitties and you will feel better

  2. Greg

    Steve please keep doing what your doing. I too hate the whole doping scene. I appreciat your point of view and insite.
    I dont understand why people support it, doping has done nothing but bring the sport into the gutter. People just dont recpect it any more like they use to.
    Thanks for helping the sport I love.

  3. channel_zero

    For all the Wild Weasels out there, this one is for you….

    Let’s bring it home Ms. Weasel. Ms. Weasel, your kid as a young teenager is identified as having the stuff of athletic greatness in cycling/track and field. Awesome, right?

    Except, the next step big step up to international ranking requires doping and YOU Ms. Weasel must dope your child. What’s first, the EPO/HGH combo? How about some testosterone patches for your kid too.

    If you are so indifferent to doping, then you should be doping your kid(s) to get ahead right now. Go ahead. Doping is okay, right?

    Please, share with us in great detail the protocols you will use and the how/when of administration. Let’s hear all about doping your kid tough guy.

    What’s that? Silence? I thought doping was okay.

  4. Jeff M

    @ channel_zero comment 4 Well said. People have a tendency not to think any further ahead than their noses and thinking doping is ‘ok’ just proves it. @ Steve, keep writing.

  5. anon

    steve. somebody once told me that brian jensen
    tested positive (for epo i believe) while he was
    running in europe. yes/no?

  6. H Luce

    @anon: googled “brian jensen epo” and came up with this:

    “Brian Dalgaard Jensen of Denmark confessed in a DR TV documentary in March 2003, to using EPO during his career, especially during his 1997 success in Belgium. In 2004 he was awarded an anti-doping prize for his openness.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_cycling

    I’d be surprised if it were the same guy, I think the Brian Jensen that Steve rides with is younger.

  7. H Luce

    and it turns out that Brian Jensen who rides for Tradewind was born on 13 April 1976, while Brian Dalgaard Jensen was born in 1972. Not the same guy.

  8. jt

    what about all the trails that lead to BMC? Seems to me that circumstantial evidence puts your life mate right in the middle of all this kookiness – at least as far as awareness goes. hope you are as tough on Big George when his admissions hit the interwebs. Glass houses

  9. jimbo

    I find it somewhat ironic that all of this vitriol is levied towards Tilford for rather than towards the cheaters at whom he levies his criticism.

  10. jed schneider

    @wild weasel my 1 yr old nephew is going through chemo right now. to make any suggestion that your support, or lack of, LA or anyone else in this doping fallout is somehow a proxy for your feelings towards cancer as a disease is completely off base. cancer doesn’t take sides, so go fuck yourself.


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