Too Many Michigan Blueberries?

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I think that I ate too many blueberries last night late, watching the Olympics. That is my only explanation of why I’ve had a bad stomach ache for the past 10 hours. I’m pretty destroyed, not much sleep and feel like I’m hung over. I’m in Marquette Michigan, racing the Ore to Shore MTB race tomorrow. I had hoped to ride the last 20 miles of the course today, but I have a feeling I’m not going to be up to it, but you never know. I’ll post something a little more interesting later when I have the energy.

Stopped at a road side stand and bought a bunch of blueberries.

3 thoughts on “Too Many Michigan Blueberries?

  1. rab

    I grew up in the UP and when I was a kid we used to go out and pick wild blueberries every summer. Seemed like they were everywhere. Pretty nice, big fat berries, just you and the bears!

    Definitely can overdo it eating them though.
    Marquette is where I got my first taste of exploring on a bike, some pretty country.


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