Pozzato – You’d Have Better “Luck” Not Talking

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Filippo Pozzato has been hanging out in Africa (training at altitude in Kenya, which is questionable enough) and is very unhappy about not going to the Olympics. He didn’t get to go to the Olympics because he was using Dr. Ferrari when he wasn’t supposed to. His story about seeing him was only for training and that he never “hid” when he visited the doctor. “Others dressed in black when they went to him so they wouldn’t be seen, but I didn’t. I never hid anything.”

Here’s the deal. If you’re a professional cyclist that has already served a timeout for doping, maybe you shouldn’t go visit a doctor that you know other people are “dressed in black” to visit. I can see it now in the waiting room, all these people dressed head to toe in black, maybe even completely covered like Muslim women, not speaking to each other, eyes facing the floor.

Then Filippo goes on to comment about the recent doping scandal in Italy by the race walker, Alex Schwazer, who was a visitor to Dr. Ferrari too. His statement here was, “I’m sorry for Alex, but my case has nothing to do with his.” Wow, he is sorry for Alex? How about being outraged that Alex would take the Olympic spot of someone else and then get kicked out for doping. He stole a life experience from another athlete. It is criminal. And Pazzato is sorry for the guy. Bad answer.

Anyway, my advise to Filippo is that maybe he should just do his volunteer work at 2000 meters in Kenya and shut the f#%& up. He would be much better off in the PR department.

Last time I looked, Filippo only had the partial fish on his back. I’m glad he added the nice phrase over his carp. It looks great.

11 thoughts on “Pozzato – You’d Have Better “Luck” Not Talking

  1. Parke

    Having lived in Kenya, I can not fathom where the hell someone would go to train on a bicycle. The roads are utter crap and wherever there’s altitude or remote areas safe for cycling there’s no pavement.

    I’d say the driver’s are dangerous too, but people say that about Miami or New York.
    That means something different in Kenya, where everything is fly-by-wire and traffic laws are theory.
    (Example – I once stopped at a wreck where a bus-driver hopped a median to get around another bus and hit an oncoming truck and was laying trapped in his bus with his legs severed.
    I got mugged, because the people who were waiting around weren’t actually involved or concerned but were opportunists waiting for someone to stop and help.)

    This is not to say that Kenya and Kenyans are magnificent. I love the place, BUT…
    It’s a different world, and I can’t imagine someone like Pozzatto entering into it with his spandex and bike and the math working out.
    It makes zero sense to me.

    I’m not sure why he IS there, but I’d be hard pressed to make the same choice if I were looking to ride my bicycle, much less train at altitude.

  2. channel_zero

    Pipo couldn’t be going to Kenya for PED’s? No way!

    The deep well of “killing it today, gone tomorrow” endurance athletes coming out of Kenya aren’t doping. Impossible.

    We all know IAAF’s dope testing is as good as the UCI’s. Ohhh wait….

  3. Rad Renner

    Only God Can Judge Pipo, but let me give it a try: You’re a dumb ass, Pozzato. Now go home and stay there.

  4. Rob Bell

    Speaking of Olympic doping, I read an article from a few months ago that said 107 would-be Olympians tested positive in the 6 months leading up to the Olympics. WADA believes that approximately 1 in 10 athletes at the Olympics are cheating and haven’t been caught yet.

  5. Ali

    Steve –

    Not all Muslim women dress in black from head to toe. Please do not generalize/stereotype — there are enough ignorant idiots out there already. Love your posts.


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