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It’s amazing how much you can do in 24 hours. I’ve been out of Topeka for just about that long and it seems like I’ve done a ton. I’ll write about the race tomorrow. I’m kind of in a time crunch today.

I will say that it is very important to show up at each and every race with the right mindset. By this I mean that you need to be able to adapt your mind to whatever your physical ability is going to be that day. That is a very important part of bicycle racing. Yesterday I forgot that and now I have a bad taste.

It’s nice to be out of the hot temperatures. But it is muggy here in Iowa. It rained a ton yesterday morning.

I’m on my way up to Cable to MTB ride for a few days. Bromont is going to be very happy when he realizes the final destination. I’ll post more later.

This is the funnest thing I saw yesterday. I was waiting in drive through at McDonalds for a cone yesterday and the car in front of me let their dog out to pee and the dog jumped onto the roof of their car and started barking. The owner lady said that the dog was so excited he was going to get a cheeseburger he couldn’t stand it. Excellent.

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