East Village Criterium Bound

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I guess I’m driving up to Des Moines and doing a criterium in front of the Capitol Building at 7 tonight. I was thinking about going to Elk Grove, but I sort of hate the course and you do it two days in a row. Plus, there is a UCI PRO only race going on for 10X the 1/2 prize list, so I wouldn’t be racing the race I want to anyway, so I’m just gonna skip it. (I say that now, but I can always drive there after tonight’s race.)

The East Village Criterium has a pretty good climb in it, so it is a good course for me. I’m not sure how I’m riding. I’ve been doing a bunch of manual labor the last couple days along with riding during the heat.

Yesterday I moved a bunch of concrete and then replaced the brakes on the back axle of my van. I heard a slight noise and thought I should check them out before I travel. One of the pads on the drivers side was metal on metal. I don’t have any idea how I let it get that far along. I need to start keeping a log in each car and note when I do repairs on each. It is confusing.

It’s only 3 1/2 hours up to Des Moines from Topeka. I’ll see who I can drag along.

New brakes look are so nice.

I have no idea how I let these get to this state.

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