MTB bikin’ during the Tour

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I’ve only been up in Cable Wisconsin for a couple days and it seems like a week. It is very easy to get into a routine up here, which is really a non routine, with no agenda. That is pretty great.

July 4th we nearly slept through the 4th of July parade in Cable, since we were swimming at 1 am, we barely made it to Cable by 11 am. After the parade, they have a BBQ, which is completely home cooked food. I had to have a brat, but what I was really into was pie. An incredible amount of homemade pie that was nearly 1/4 pie a piece. For $2.

We went out for a couple hour road ride afterward. 40 miles and I think maybe 2 cars, total, passed us the whole time. That was when the county was swarmed with people from all over for the festivities. It is an amazing place to ride road bikes

Then yesterday, after swimming again, we went out and rode MTB bikes on the new singletrack from Boedecker Rd. down to OO. It is great, as usual. The guys that build new trails up here are experts and the single track flows like a stream. We turned around and rode it back up North, hooked up to the Chequamegon course and rode over the high point, then the Birkie Trail and back to Cable.

I hadn’t ridden my MTB bike for a while and was mildly amazed how much different it is that pedaling a road bike. You end up pulling up a ton more on the backstroke than you do riding road. I was mainly trying to check out my shoulder to see if it could function off-road. I’d have to give it a 6 or 7 out of 10 for usage. It is kind of sore, but not nearly as sore as my crotch. 3 hours of MTB riding and I feel like I’ve never sat on a bike seat before in my life. I actually woke up way too early this morning because of it. Pretty usual.

But, that isn’t enough reason not to go back out and ride all day again today. I think we’re going to ride the single track all the way down to Hayward, get a coffee and ride it back. That should be around 70 miles of riding, with 50 something of that single track. My butt is going to hate me big time.

Here are some picture from the last couple days –

A racy shot of Catherine following Bill into the warm water. Trudi is in the background. The water is so warm the top 12 inches. It then gets progressively colder. 6 feet under it is icy.

This is some of the parade in Cable. These are the girls from the Rivers Eatery, my favorite pizza place in the world.

The Brick House Coffeshop always has a good group of dancers. Pretty fun.

Yuri, czar of CXC ski team, never resting. He’s trying to talk Trudi into coming back next weekend for a MTB race he’s promoting. Trudi hasn’t had the Tour off in years. I don’t think she’s missin’ it much at all.

The pie table at the Cable picnic.

It is Wisconsin, so they make sure you can coat the complete ear of corn with butter.

It looks like Gary Crandell, Mr. Chequamegon, is going to go for Catherine’s lunch.

This guy had it all going on. 4 ears of corn, a brat, plus a pitcher. What more could you ask for on the 4th?

Riding here behind Bill and Jeff Bradley. Nearly the whole ride was under tree cover.

Hawkeye, Dennis’ dog, had no interest in watching Greipel win the stage yesterday at the Tour.

The single track here is groomed beyond imagination. Here is Catherine riding by one of the artsy rock placements on the trail.

7 thoughts on “MTB bikin’ during the Tour

  1. Julie

    Looks like you guys had a great, small town 4th. I haven’t ridden my mtn. bike much this year. About once a week and I can’t believe how quickly you lose your handling skills. You’re right about how different the set up for a mtn. bike is from a road bike. Also, I would give anything to ride a trail with trees! Living in the desert you don’t get much tree coverage. I’ve been looking for Trudi on the Tour–it’s good to see you two are enjoying some time together 🙂

  2. devin

    With the buff single track how is the shoulder felling..? Crossing fingers for drier weather as we hed to Duluth to race on Sunday.

  3. jim sully

    mmm, Pie..
    I think I’m outslobberin Hawkeye…
    Note to self, reseal keyboard soon…
    Patience on the shoulder old timer, it’ll come around …

  4. Redzing

    That photo of the pie table is about the yummiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The pies looked pretty good too . . .


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