5 Testifying against Lance?

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A Dutch newspaper has reported that the 4 guys that didn’t “want to” ride the Olympics, are now going to be suspended for 6 months after the Vuelta. The four guys are George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde, Dave Zabriskie, plus Jonathan Vaughters. Here’s the article at Cyclingnews.com.

Nearly all the riders aren’t talking to the media about the report. Jonathan Vaughters called the reported ban “completely untrue.” I wonder if that is going to come back and bite him later on down the road? I guess since 3 of the 5 guys are now on the Garmin Team, and he’s the big boss, he needs to try to get through the Tour before it all goes down. He did reissue his current team’s stance on doping. Thanks Jonathan, that is what we want to know.

Here’s Levi’s quote from Cyclingnews – Quizzed whether he had made any kind of deal with USADA in return for a six-month suspension, as has been alleged in De Telegraaf, Leipheimer said: “Again, I can’t say anything. I’m not going to comment. Beyond that I’m here in the Tour with Quick Step and that’s all I can say.” This response pretty much confirms something is up. At least Levi, although sounding pretty stupid, isn’t willing to lie at this point.

I can’t believe, watching the Tour coverage right now, how Paul Sherwin is suggesting liable and that these fabricated stories always come up during the Tour. Both Paul and Phil have been towing the party line for way too many years. They probably should just let the facts sort themselves out.

Anyway, it’s going to get way more convoluted in the days and weeks ahead. Maybe Lance and Johan could just clear this up themselves. I very much doubt they will.

The most tested athlete in sports, Lance. Guess that might not be enough?

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  1. Ken

    This is Vaughters quote on cyclingnews.com: “Regarding the Dutch media report: no 6mos (sic) suspensions have been given to any member of Slipstream Sports. Today or at any future date.” That doesn’t mean that they won’t be given suspensions, just that they currently have been given suspensions. It’s a very noncommittal response and not untrue no matter what happens. And, yes, the Phil and Paul love affair with Lance has been hard to stomach for years. That’s why I watch Eurosport–Sean Kelly is far more entertaining.

  2. Rad Renner

    Agreed, Ken, with live-streaming on Cyclingfans.com, I’ve been watching the Eurosport feed during this TdF. The commentary and insight from the great Sean Kelly is wonderful. Sean’s story about being awarded a cow for winning a post-Tour kermesse was howlingly funny.

    Like many cycling fans, I respect and admire Phil Ligget and Paul Sherwin. For decades they have been the voice of cycling (esp. Phil), but it’s high time they acknowledge that the accusations against Lance do have merit and will ultimately lead to his demise. It’s sad to still see them clinging to a story which in their hearts they just cannot believe anymore. Phil and Paul might be guilty of violating the first tenet of journalism (objectivity), but they’re not stupid.

  3. Greg D.

    “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Or something like that. The truth always comes out in the end. It may take a while, but it is impossible to live a lie.

    Don’t forget Bob Roll. I understand if you’re a friend of Lance, but ya gotta admit that and recuse yourself if you plan to report on the subject.

  4. David

    I would rather read about your time up north and any cycling you are doing. Its like your promoting this soap opera every time I open your blog. SO freaking old.

  5. Andrew

    Rad Renner, I am also watching the Eurosport feed (you are right, Sean Kelly’s story about selling the cow back to the farmer was funny). I got tired of Phil giving incorrect information and getting the riders wrong and then Paul having to correct him. Paul must be one patient individual.

  6. Doug P

    I have lots of great memories of Phil and Paul, but when they were so nasty and negative towards Alberto Contador, I lost all respect for them as objective journalists, or even as grownups. They are ‘way into their second childhood. And I should know, because I am too. I like Sean Kelly, and I like JaJa as well.
    P.S. We should be able to talk about any topic we choose, shouldn’t we, without being flamed by the supporters of “that guy”.

  7. Bill K

    If true, all riders involved, should be removed from the TDF, along with their respective teams. The reason for this, is because their teams have benefited from their presence, so far, in the Tour.
    As long as they do this, they might as well cancel the entire tour, also.
    If the Tour isn’t cancelled, and it turns out that all of these allegations are true, the results should be wiped clean, and all prize money returned.

  8. Kirk

    Indeed, I love your blog but there are forums full of waterheads sifting through Lance’s poop and making proclamations and posting unsubstantiated newspaper articles. You are better than that, Steve. I love your passion for your sport and the honest work you have invested for decades. It truly insprires me. But leave the snide commentary about alleged dopers to the sanctimonious dimwits on chat boards. Your blog is too classy!

  9. shaun w

    Screw this, I’m going to watch NFL, or MBL, or tennis, or triathlon instead. Nice clean sports

  10. Barry

    Kirk and David, Steve doesn’t work for you. He writes what he wants, and I greatly appreciate it. Complaining about free high quality content, is stupid. Get a life, the both of you.

  11. Dave M

    I opened this blog link expecting news.. this post is just commentary from a prejudice blogger.

  12. jpete

    Dave- we all have prejudices which are beliefs held based on prior experiences. I might suggest if you are looking for news you might look at a news site. if you are looking for a blog (one man’s beliefs based on his personal experience) you might look at a blog. My opinion, anyway.

  13. josh taykor

    Hey Dave, don’t be naive. It’s a blog, which means it has opinions, which are inherently biased. I suggest, David, you use god given right to go elsewhere if a man’s opinion somehow upsets your delicate constitution. Just sayin’.?.?.?

  14. jt

    JV is guilty of dressing like a disgraced, English fop. For that he deserves a 12 month fashion suspension. That aside, at least with the accusation of libel my theory of Phil and Paul prerecording every stage and using the same sound track over and over is now done…or is it

  15. jt

    additionally, Levi is guilty of being too short and outkicking his coverage when it comes to the ladies. for this offense he should be suspended for 12 months and must carry a step stool wherever he goes for the same period of time

  16. Kirk

    Barry – I never said Steve worked for me, nor did I compain, so go sniff a soiled chamois. He can certainly write about Lance and Johan 10 times a day if he wishes. I simply complimented him on his writing and suggested it be spent on topics more worthy of him and his breadth of experience.

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  18. tilford97 Post author

    Dave M – A prejudice blogger? I don’t believe I have any prejudice here. I’m just looking at the facts that the media has reported and then the responses of the riders involved and they don’t sync.

    Each and everyone contacted in this “story” either doesn’t answer the questions or deflects them.

    If there isn’t a shred of truth here, then I want someone to “swear on their wife’s life and dog’s grave” that the story is completely fabricated.

    Until then, I’m assuming that all these “rumors” are pretty close to reality.

  19. Nancy

    I actually enjoyed watching le tour de France using the Eurosports because they don’t have commercials every 5 minutes and you don’t see the face of Phil and Paul every 10 minutes talking to each others about how pretty is France.

    And the Brit at Eurosports described well the race and know the name of the team and riders. And they show the race non stop.

  20. Joe Beer

    Wait, isn’t it a bad thing if five riders, out of what may be hundreds (thousands?) who have doped, tell the truth when asked and receive a suspension? Isn’t that really, really bad for the sport? It makes no sense if we ever want to move on. And it’s really important if you care about cycling…I feel like those who say Steve shouldn’t discuss it are kind of out to lunch. Anyway, I hope the rumors aren’t true.

  21. Roberto

    I have no prejudice in this matter, but as i’ve said all along, they haven’t proven anything. Just because someone says something happened, doesn’t mean it did. That’s why courts of law don’t allow here-say. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, but this is clearly a vendetta. And if he loses his titles, who are they going to give them to, a bunch of dopers that did get caught. And if these guys testified, and accepted a suspension, does that mean they lose all their results. That’s a lot of titles, including how many National Championships by Hincapie. If they don’t take their titles away, then it’s total bullshit, and just proves USADA had a vendetta. This is making cycling better how? You people that want to crucify Lance, are just a bunch of bitter nobody’s. This is exactly what USADA wants, for Lance to be convicted in the court of public opinion. I have only one problem with that….It doesn’t stand up to the legal principals, we’re supposed to live by. You show me a picture of Lance doping, and then you have a case. Until then, he who is without sin, cast the first stone.

  22. Joseph

    I agree with shaun w. How come everyone accepts a 330 pound linebacker as perfectly normal??? If there is money involved, there’s going to be cheating, that’s human nature. I challenge anyone to come up with any truly clean sports.

    In the end, what is all this goin to accomplish? If anyone thinks the peloton is clean today, well I guess that’s human nature too…

  23. Rod Lake

    I think it’s great we now have so many options to follow cycling. Remember when CBS “covered” the Tour all in one weekend? Van Halen music and all! With that said, I know it’s not trendy but I still enjoy the goofynness that is Phil and Paul. And as a Kansas native I’m happy to see Scott Monniger getting a shot in the booth.

  24. modman

    I think the nfl is swimming ped,and they should be punished,but it’s not usada’s job.i haven’t watched the nfl in years I think the’re just as dirty as la

  25. Redzing

    Wait . . . that photo of the pie table is about the yummiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. And the pies looked pretty good too.

  26. Jeff

    To pretend that LA doping in cycling is really some cheater that has to be singled out and punished is ignorant. All five of those guys doped as well. He didn’t create the prevailing atmosphere of “dope if you want a chance to win.” I’m not really motivated to defend Armstrong but some of you guys act like he really robbed the till and things will somehow be righted if he’s stripped of everything. It’s just not that simple. What, should Basso get a tour title? Ullrich? Beloki? Rumsas? That’s European cycling. There are guys who will cheat in tomorrow’s stage and they’re worried about 13 years ago? Hincapie has been lying probably since ’92 or ’93 and he’s going to be rewarded with a slap on the hand for tattling on Lance. (same for those other guys) That’s some kind of victory for someone? He’s some kind of good guy and Lance is really horrible. Lance made an F-load of money and lives on par any rock star or movie star and that just eats some of you guys up.
    All of this money and energy could be spent finding better ways to stop doping from happening or at least dealing with it in days instead of months or years.
    I remember watching Brice Jones lap the Twilight field solo in Athens one night and just thinking, ‘that guy is cheating.’ He collected his money and prizes and went home and sometime later one, was busted. Think about all of the titles that are never really claimed because nothing is done about really stopping or preventing doping. Depressing to thing about. (the end)

  27. Roberto

    I also have to add, that all these guys were doping, and they still couldn’t beat Lance. Whether you agree with the methods or not, the right guy won all those Tours. Lance was better, plain and simple.


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