Maybe it’s not such a good time…..

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to be in the mountains. I have to retract that from that last post. These photos are from near Colorado Springs.

Looking down from Pikes Peak.

7 thoughts on “Maybe it’s not such a good time…..

  1. devin

    My kid sister and folks live in Woodland Park,, getting nervous there.. I have been through some fires but never had to worry about evacuating.

  2. Jered

    What is with all the stealing of photos on your blog, Steve?

    You just willy nilly lift them from here and there as if it’s no big deal.

    But if someone puts an elbow into you on the last corner of a crit, you cry foul like someone stole your last dollar.

    Taking photos from someone else’s website or Facebook page without permission is stealing! Stop it. Now.

  3. tilford97 Post author

    Jered-I’m not sure where what’s the deal here exactly. I use mostly my own photographs on my website. But when I find photos on the internet, if there is someone to link the original photo back to, I will do that.

    Are you comparing this to bike racing somehow?

    What do accuse Google of when they “steal your photos” and then deliver them to anyone by category? Google makes money off of doing just that. I don’t make any money off this.

    Are you sending emails to The Doug Report because none of his content is original? It’s just like a small Google for interesting bike racing information. I think everyone appreciates the effort he goes through to do just what he is doing.

    Like I said, when I use a photo that someone else took, I’ll try to link it back to the original content. I have to assume that if the person is a professional or is making a living taking photos, then they’ve already sold the photo to where ever it was posted. Directing more traffic back to that source is what they are trying to accomplish, right?

    What is the difference of someone taking the content of my website and linking it through Facebook or elsewhere. They didn’t write the words, so why are they reposting them?

    I don’t really understand the difference?

  4. IWasThereIn2009

    The difference is…a pro photog does his/her work to make a living. You write a blog just for fun and amusement.

    Think of it this way…would you copy and paste paragraphs from Velonews or CyclingNews into your own blog postings, and not give credit to those sites/writers? I hope not.

  5. Jody Prummer

    Get off Steve’s back. I am glad he showed those fire photos. There are people out there risking their lives. Way more important than bike racing. I just got back from there a few days ago and am leaving in the am to go back. Try being a Hotshot for a few days.

  6. Jered

    It’s not just the fire photos, Jody. There are countless photos on this blog that are the property of professional photographers.

    Remember those people who Steve found living in one of his rental homes? They were stealing from him. He kicked them out. Same thing here. Steve has stolen copyright photos from people out trying to earn a living (not risking their lives – I’ll give you that one).

  7. Jprummer

    Not sure what the law is but if he gives credit for the photo what’s the problem. Plus Steve is not making money off the blog.


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