Carrol Shelby – R.I.P.

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Talk about a man that lived a full life, Carrol Shelby was the epitome of that. He flew airplanes, raised chickens, raced cars, made chili powder and designed unbelievably beautiful automobiles. Click here to read more about his life. He did treat the world as a playground. There is no question about that.

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  1. Brian Davis

    One of my art teachers told an awesome story about flying on a private jet with Carrol Shelby to go to a Chili cook off. The server that brought them food was a young guy with a wife and baby.. Through small talk they figured out that the guy wanted to be an architect.. But with a wife and baby there was no way he could go to school.. Carrol cut him a check for school on the spot and said he would follow up to make sure that he pursued his dream.. To me that is what fame, wealth and influence should be used for..


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