The Jersey Project

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Yesterday in the mail I got a package from my friend Bill Humphreys. I’ve know Bill since I was a junior. He was a honch riding for the Raleigh Team with John Howard when I first bought a racing bike. We both never left the sport.

Anyway, in the package was a copy of a book that he did, The Jersey Project. Bill told me about the book a couple years ago and we sent him some photos of jerseys that I had tucked away over the years. There are 3 or 4 of my jerseys in the book. Anyway, I haven’t had a bunch of time to go through the book like I want to, but it is definitely worth owning if you’re into cycling. It really is an especially interesting way to use the beauty of the jerseys to help describe and define the history of the sport. You can go here, The Jersey Project, to get a book of your own.

I’m just about ready to brew up a cup of his coffee too. I’ll let you know how it is.

It is always nice getting unexpected gifts in the mail.

One of my jerseys in the book.

There are pages and pages of super cool jerseys from all over the world.

And here's a photo I got from Bill's website. Back when Greg and Lance could stand that close together I guess.

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  1. Ted Lewandowski

    That was nice of Bill to send you the book and the coffee – but if I were marketing my own book – I would send you ten copies because I know how many people read your blog – simple business decision.
    BTW, he bought the North American rights to the book from in England from the original author.


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