Rainy Sunday

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Today is going a little slow. It is raining here in Dallas. As it is in most of the midwest. I watched Amstel-Gold this morning and hopefully it is going to clear up some to ride and work on the fence later. I decided it is better to get this project done earlier and then train and race then try to do both halfheartedly. I sort of get too caught up in projects and have a hard time switching hats mid day. It is just something I should accept about myself, but never seem to realize until it happens again.

Anyway, below are some pictures Trudi has sent me the past week from Europe. She is criss-crossing the continent. She was in Spain and drove back up to Belgium for a one day race last Thursday. Then she went up to Holland and drove back to Switzerland. I don’t know how many countries that she went through, but it was a ton. One of the good parts of the job of working for a professional cycling team in Europe, you get to see a lot.

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