Spring is Here-The Turtles are Out

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I thought all along this premature Spring was going to disappear and we’d come back to reality on what the real temperatures are supposed to be this time of the year. Now I don’t think so. I think that it is going to stay nice and that it is going to be a long Spring, which is perfect.

I found a baby turtle out riding a couple days ago. That is a sure sign that Spring is here. It is about a month early this year here in Kansas. A full month, that is nuts. I talked to a friend of mine whose parents are farmers. She said that the wheat is starting to come to head, which isn’t normal until May. If it doesn’t freeze, it is going to be a great wheat crop this year I’d guess.

I’ve been taking it pretty easy for a while. I wanted to rest some during March and April and try to get my body back to normal. I’m doing the resting part, but haven’t really addressed the back to normal part.

It is amazing how much bicycle racing is on the internet now. It kind of screws up my mornings. And the weekends some too with the Spring Classics happening now. I watched the finish of The Tour of the Basque Country (Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco) this morning. It finished on a pretty steep pitch. Joaquim Rodriguez Oliver (Spa) Katusha Team took off with a couple hundred meters to go and put 9 seconds into Samuel Sanchez, who was the previous race leader. That was a lot of time for such a short period. Pretty impressive.

Anyway, there aren’t any races this weekend because it is Easter. I understand the reasons, but it is a shame that Easter has to fall right in the middle of such perfect weather. There should at least be something going on Saturday you’d think? But, it never seems to happen. Spring is my favorite season. I like them all, but when everything is new and fresh, it is energizing.

Baby Green turtle found on the road.

He had a very pretty underbelly

This chard is left over from last year. I'm going to eat it tonight.

I planted seeds in one of the planters I built last fall yesterday. The other one is strawberries.

You know it is Spring when the road work has started. Our city is under the impression that replacing just squares of the concrete is the way to go. It isn't working, but they have no idea.

Spring breakfast this morning. I don't know why, but when it gets warmer out, I like to eat way more fruit and fresh vegetables.

7 thoughts on “Spring is Here-The Turtles are Out

  1. kenny79

    um paris roubaix this weekend ?or did you mean kansas etc .any comments on the crashes after scheld… too me it was just stoooooopid so many media etc in post race after 4.30 hrs of bloody cold and wet ..watching postrace of tour of flanders the same boonen and others SWERVING to avoid press .cantwell has a punctured lung and poss broken ribs .after finishing 14th uninjured, thats bullshit he eases up and gets injured after the race ?and then everyone is running to the photographer ?????

  2. CB

    Aren’t you racing more moutain bike this year? Go do the Gods Country bike race at the Lawrence River Trails!


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