Ashenden – One of UCI’s Doping Experts Resigns

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Michael Ashenden, one of the experts overseeing the biological passport on cycling, resigned because of a clause in his contract that would essentially make it impossible to express his own opinions about doping in the sport. He did a pretty in depth interview with that goes on to explain a lot of what goes on in the testing and doping arenas in cycling. It is pretty serious reading, but if you what to expand your knowledge on the subject, it is pretty good. The article goes into depth about the Contador case and the underlying facts.

He thanks Floyd Landis a couple time for giving him information on what lengths the riders will go to stay under the radar. They aren’t just carrying around hematocrit centrifuges like the old days, they have transportable blood analysers that followed them around and allow the riders to constantly monitor their reticulocyte levels.

It goes on to explain that EPO is more of a masking agent now and that the blood transfusions are the way they use to gain the oxygen carrying advantages. Man, it just gets more complicated and crazier every time something comes out.

Anyway, after reading the article, it is apparent that he is one of the “good guys” and that the sport needs more people like him around. I guess he is going to be associated with WADA some still, but it sounds like he isn’t going to be the go to guy to try to clean the sport up. It’s a big loss.

5 thoughts on “Ashenden – One of UCI’s Doping Experts Resigns

  1. Steve Mathews

    I just read the Velonews article on the CO Masters rider. I’m not going to take the time to look up the details, but am I the only one thinking that the punishment of vacating his 15 months of masters racing results could amount to a few top 10 finishes, with prizing of a few tires, etc. and maybe a couple hundred bucks. I wonder if he thinks it was all worthwhile now.

  2. Tanner Culbreath

    Holy Cow! I knew people doped, but I had no idea how precise and complicated it has become! Thank you for the article. It really helped me to understand the specifics of doping vs. just needing more Red Blood Cells. No wonder team budgets have gotten so big… have to pay a full time scientist and doctor among other individuals!


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