Driving South to Kansas

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I got up this morning and went by this local frame builder’s shop, Matt Appleman. He builds in carbon. Other than Nick Crumpton down in Austin, I’m not sure I know of another custom builder of carbon. I don’t, but I’m sure there are lots around. Anyway, it was pretty interesting.

I think there were 4 different frame builders using the same warehouse area. Lots of cool projects going. There was an old Austin mini stripped down to the bare frame and tons of other half done projects everywhere.

Matt was a nice guy. Really knowledgeable about carbon. He used to make wind turbine blades. Anyway, it was a good morning all around.

Minneapolis is full of these weird, interesting, cycling related, enclaves. I heard there are something around 60 bikes shops in the area. That is unbelievable. But from riding on the bike paths some yesterday, I can believe they are all doing pretty good business.

Heading South to Lawrence to watch the KU vs. UK NCAA National Championship game. Rock Chalk!!!

Appleman's. Pretty interesting enclave.

I could have looked around these frame builder's cave all day.

A near traffic jam on the bike path yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Driving South to Kansas

  1. Scott Dickson

    Is our old SRC teammate Chris Kvale still building frames in the Twin Cities?

  2. Too White

    Hi Steve,

    Please don’t forget Bob Parlee at Parlee Cycles in Beverly, MA. They built the best machine I’ve ever thrown a leg over. Their bikes have also been ridden in the Tour under the likes of Tyler Hamilton and Laurent Jalabert. Truly Aesome bicycles.


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