Pictorial of the Weekend

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Since Flanders was today, I thought this appropriate. I guess Hollywood has a intimate relationship with Flanders. Big win for Tom Boonen today. Too bad for Cancellara.

I rode nearly 90 miles on a Tour de Minneapolis yesterday. It was supposed to be nearly 70 degrees. It was in the lower 40's.

T-1 before the Grand opening of Hollywood Cycles 2.

The new shop after opening.

Hollywood and me.

One of those bad flats.

Gene Oberpiller's shop in Minneapolis.

Inside Gene's shop is a pretty interesting/eclectic collection of stuff.

And last, but not least, Kansas University is playing Monday night for the National Championships after winning last night.

And of course, Mass. St. in downtown Lawrence was rockin'. I know where I plan to be Monday night late.

5 thoughts on “Pictorial of the Weekend

  1. devin

    Good times and a good ride,, Thanks for sharing pulls and stories.. Until next time… As Jay would say”Party On”

  2. Jay Henderson

    Thanks fer coming up. The ride was officialy the Tout de Timmer. When I told the Belgium Juniors about the tattoo I said, “I’m getting the Black toenails!” they said thats fer “outcasts” I teplied, “Exactlly!” thanks again, an PartyOn.

  3. Jason

    That is a bad flat, but you are either doing someone a favor or rolling with a powertap. Which is it?!


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