Race Morning

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I don’t really have much to post here today. Racing at 10 am. The course is pretty good with one pretty steep climb each 20 mile lap, finishing on the top of the climb the 4th time up. I’ve won the race a couple times. Brian has also won it at least once, maybe twice.

I didn’t feel too great riding yesterday, so kind of cut the ride short, only 40 miles. The riding around here is awesome. We rode southwest of Springdale and hardly saw a car the whole ride. It really rolls around here.

I have to say, once again like yesterday, it is amazing the what the distribution of homes are like here. There are mansions, huge horse farms, and then just a little bit down the road, it is nearly a trailer park, but worse. It is like a school bus park, that the people eventually moved out of their school buses and into single wides, but they kept the school buses for extra storage. I saw a place today that there were at least 1 school bus for every two mobile homes. It was amazing.

Like I said above, I didn’t feel too good riding today. I haven’t since Wednesday. Maybe today I’ll be better. You never know until you get going. It is going to be a nice day, so I can’t think of a better way to spend it.

I didn't see anything as cool as this near Fayetteville yesterday. I'd like to see this though.

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