Haywire Clothing

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Something has gone amiss with my ability to dress myself for athletics so far this year. Well, maybe not the whole year, because it seemed to go okay for the month of January, but recently (February) it has gone extremely bad. I’m not sure what happened.

It all started when I flew out to California and did the Boulevard Road Race. The temperature on the car when I got there said it was in the lower 40’s. The temperature on my Garmin said it was in the mid 40’s. So, I put an undershirt on under my thicker short sleeve jersey, with arm warmers, and it was wrong. Really wrong. I unzipped the jersey early on, but was hot the rest of the 90 miles.

The same thing happened for the Pre-Birkie ski race. 42 km. Below zero pulling up to the start. I had a thin defeat undershirt on under a long sleeve jersey. My mistake was wearing nylon wind pants. I was sweating like crazy. So much so that I took off my hat and unzipped my jersey 10 km in. (My right ear is still peeling from mild frostbite.)

I’ve not been dressed right once this week training. Either I’m too cold or too hot. I pride myself on dressing right. Something has either changed with me physiologically or I have just become stupid(er).

Adding to all this, none of my shorts seem to fit correctly anymore. I’m getting chaffed like crazy when that has never, ever been a problem for me. Plus, my left road shoe is rubbing on my inner ankle bone. I’ve had the same shoes for nearly a year and have never had an issue with that either. Strange.

I’m not sure how I’m going to address this problem. The picking the wrong clothing for temperatures is bugging me the most. Dressing correctly is super important in the sport of cycling. That is why we all have so much clothing. Clothing that is really close to being the same as the next piece, but just a fraction different. Enough different that it matches another piece of clothing that is really close to matching another piece. (We’re not even going to get into gloves here. I nearly need a whole dresser for gloves.) That is the key to dressing for the sport. At least that used to be the key. I think that I forgot which key fit the lock and have to have a locksmith come and make me a new one. I hope it doesn’t take all year.

How about this form guys? Pretty good, huh? Like I said, my ears are still peeling.

7 thoughts on “Haywire Clothing

  1. john adamson

    Maybe you should check your birth certificate! Just wait until your 60’s – you won’t get anything right – or at least be really grateful when you get a thing or two right.

  2. Doug P

    Well, Steve you’ve seen some drastic climate changes this year, no? Jet lag is one thing… changing seasons is another. You will soon get back in the groove. BTW, I love my new UnD Lite Defeet base layer…it’s the best one I’ve tried to date.

  3. judy hudson

    Have to agree with john,after 60 it gets even more tricky. Since I’m always a little warm I tend to underdress. Since moving to Co. Hiking everyday you need alittle extra the higher u get. But have I mentioned how much I love it up here!! Oh Yeah I have,LOL

  4. SB

    I hate being cold so I’m always overdressed. I’d honestly rather sweat when it’s 40f than be the slightest bit cold. Yes, I know about getting chilled.
    1. zippers
    2. wool
    and, +1 for the thyroid check.

  5. devin

    Been fighting the weather my self,, finding it harder and harder,, not to mention that I am starting to burn through some of my cold weather gear…
    Temps going to work in the 20’s and home in the 40’s and trying to get it right to train in either temps seems to be a challenge.

  6. poyntell

    You guys are missing the point. That was crazy funny! It’s just part of being an athlete. We get so picky!!


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