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Yesterday Bill and I skied nearly 50 km. The Birki course could use some snow. It that doesn’t happen soon, it might be ugly next weekend. We both fell down a few times. I was so proud that I hadn’t fallen once the last 5 days. Bill has trail rash on his hip and arm. Me, just a small spot on my elbow.

Bill had super slow skis and was mildly wasted 10 km in, at the high point. We switched skis to even the playing field.

We did a loop of some of the new construction around the area. They have built a couple new warming huts along the ski trail at the road intersections. Plus, a few friends, that do construction, are doing some odd jobs that we saw. The selection of huge pieces of wood here never fails to amaze me. It is easy to get when you have a local lumber yard down the road that will mill to dimensions.

These beams are just for show I think.

We drove by this wood pile, which I thought was stacked very artsy.

When I comes down to it, the area around Hayward and Cable are mainly about harvesting lumber. You see it everywhere. I’ve posted pictures of the machines that cut the trees, strip the branches and cut them to haul away before. Amazing. The logging trucks are moving constantly. I’m not sure what I think about it. There is no old growth around here. It has been logged for a long time. And there are a lot of trees around here. But for some reason, it sits wrong with me.

Empty logging trucks in Hayward.

And full trucks going the other way.

We didn’t get to cutting any more wood for Dennis the last few days. But we did fix a lamp and a toaster he was ready to toss. Dennis has been collecting some tools since I’ve been coming up, but one of these days were going to head out and spend a ton of $$$$ and get him the proper tools for all occasions.

Both toaster and lamp are back in rotation.

Dennis has a few more modern tools, but these are still used some.

We watched the last night of the dog show last night. Anyone else out there watch? I couldn’t believe that the Pekingese won. I couldn’t even see the dog’s legs. The toy group isn’t my favorite. Talking about animals, did you see they discovered small new micro reptiles recently. I’d like to have one of these. I’m wondering what you feed them? Most crickets are bigger than them.

Best of show at Westminster show last night?

Pretty small chameleon.

I think we loading up and heading back to Kansas today. I’m going to get dropped off at Telemark and ski to Hayward again for 50 km more and then drive the 700 miles back. It is going to be in the 50’s the next few days in Topeka, so it is time to get back on the bike.

6 thoughts on “North Woods / Misc.

  1. Monika Martin

    My friend had a thought about the dog show. The judge musta had too many face lifts to see straight. Love that they are finding new species of animals! Adorable critter.

  2. SB

    tree farming doesn’t bother me any more than corn farming… the wilderness has been tamed for a long time now

  3. Jody Prummer

    Out west there is plenty of timber to cut. The state of Oregon just approved more area’s to cut. Good for jobs, good for forest health and better yet good for protection from forest fires. BTW I fight fire for a living.


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