Cross Worlds- Wow! Season is Over

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There is going to be a lot of talk about that race for a long time. It’s hard to believe that there are 7 riders in Belgium better than the rest of the world. Actually, it’s not that hard to believe considering the amount of time they spent in the sand each lap. Like I have said that last two days, there isn’t a place in the world that you race in those conditions other than Belgium. They grew up riding in it and thrive in it.

I might have to readdress whether Belgium cross is good for the sport. I’m not sure that even the Belgium fans want a 1st through 7th sweep. Pretty unbelievable.

So, that officially marks the end of cyclo-x season. At least for me. I’m taking a rear derailleur off one of my cross bikes and am going to make my road bike functional again. Cross season is officially over. We rode 55 miles yesterday in the wind. I mean wind, like over 30 mph the whole time. We had a 20.6 mph average at the end. I don’t know what that was all about. It wasn’t even that warm, mid 40’s. Today it’s supposed to be warmer, then in the middle 60’s next week. Pretty nice end of January temperatures.

World Cyclocross Championships Results 2012

1 Niels Albert (Belgium)
2 Rob Peeters (Belgium)
3 Kevin Pauwels (Belgium)
4 Tom Meeusen (Belgium)
5 Bart Aernouts (Belgium)
6 Klaas Vantornout (Belgium)
7 Sven Nys (Belgium)

Tell me Niels wasn't completely dedicated and concentrated on the task at hand.

Belgium National TV even interviews Niels' wife and his manager after the race. Could you imagine our television interviewing Kobe Bryant's wife after a game? I don't think so.

10 thoughts on “Cross Worlds- Wow! Season is Over

  1. JimW

    That was amazing!
    What a race.
    They had hours of post race going on too. You could really get a sense of how big the affair was.

    I just built a new wheel for my woods cross machine. Frozen trail over howling headwind for me!

  2. Calvin Jones

    Those results I find, well, a bit depressing. Such dominance is amazing, yet, does it not speak to the lack of talent in rest of the world? But then again, they do have that pop video going for them, as noted in the earlier ST blog.
    What was your impression of the men’s U23? Zach McDonald’s finish, to my mind, bodes well.

  3. Doug P

    @ Calvin Jones; I agree Zach McDonald made the US proud yesterday. Check out his page on cyclocross magazine. And, as a francophile, I must mention the fastest U23 lap was by Arnoud Jouffroy.

  4. trey h.

    Steve…do you think Vos could actually hang on to the field in the men’s race? I don’t mean banging at the front, but could she actually stay with enough of the field to keep from getting lapped? She looks awfully darned good to me.

  5. Jim

    I see results like that and immediately think of a 1-2-3 finish at Roubaix for the Mapei team. Or maybe the same in the days of Gewiss-Ballan.
    I hate to think that way but it just doesn’t make sense that no one else is in the mix.

  6. Ritchey_Breakaway

    I’m thinking that we need to setup the World Championship course at Louisville to favor the Americans. Here’s the idea: we take out the elements that the Belgies excel at: mud, sand, dirt, grass, off-cambers, barriers and fly-overs; throw in a lot of pavement and four 90 degree right-hand turns for good measure. Would we have a chance?

  7. JimW

    Drugs or not those riders have the most experience on that course in that much sand. Since they were juniors don’t forget.
    Stybar had a bad day and the French who can hang just can’t ride the sand the same way especially with seven dudes riding like gangbusters. Stybar was the only hope to break up the podium.
    Every Belgian on the line had a chance to win only if they ensured a Belgian podium. So they rode everyone out of the group to settle it amongst themselves. Hometown advantage times 50K doesn’t hurt either.
    It’s funny though how that wasn’t too different than a world cup it’s just odd when they all have the same kit on.

  8. trey h.

    O.K. In light of how many elite men got lapped so quickly, I know the answer to the M. Vos question.


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