Qualifying Race Done

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I won my heat in the qualifying race a hour ago. It was really easy. I started in the back of 35 guys, but came off the pavement in 2nd. I got into the lead quick and then it was cake. I tried to walk the runs and stay on my bike when it was quicker to be off of it. Kevin Hines won the 1st heat about the same. The van is stuck in the parking at the venue right now. It is a mess over there, but the course is awesome. It could really use more water to make it more raceable. Okay. Gotta get something to eat and clean everything up.

Here’s a photo I borrowed off of Kevin Caldwell’s facebook page. It’s a picture of Malaki Caldwell and the only grass section of the course. The rest is 3 inch mud. Great photo.

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  1. Gary Myrah

    I wondered that too. The 40’s races were later in the day and scheduled for 3 laps. I’m guessing they cut a lap due to weather and conditions.


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