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I can hardly wait for the next week and a half to be over. And there is only one reason, I hate constantly doing system checks on my body. If there is one aspect of being an athlete that I could remove from the equation, that would be it. It really would. I love racing big races and everything that it involves, but the systems check thing is something I could do without.

It starts even before I wake up. When Bromont does a lap on the bed, I wake for an instant and usually do a leg stretch or something, just checking on my feelings. For sure when I am awake, but before I get out of bed, I do a full system check. I’m not exactly sure what the check list is for that, since it’s not a conscious act, but it definitely covers my legs, back, shoulders, neck, stuffy nose, sometimes even a skin fold check on my stomach.

I have been taking a shower in the morning recently. I usually don’t. But I’ve been showering to loosen up some for the rest of the day. I do a couple hamstring and shoulder things that are supposed to be therapeutic, but I haven’t noticed much of a difference. But, I do a system check in the shower comparing my feelings to the previous days.

It keeps going all day. Going down/or up the stairs is a big one. How much I feel like napping after breakfast. It goes on and on. And it doesn’t really matter until I actually get on my bike. And, of course, that starts a whole new process of evaluating how I’m going.

The funny thing is that I intellectually realize that none of this matters very much. Once in a blue moon one, one my thousands of system checks actually benefits me for the race and has some merit. I guess that is the reason I’m doing them.

Most of my system checks have been going pretty great recently. That starts a whole new set of worries,. How long can I keep the feeling going and should I rest or just keep the same intensity or what.

The mental aspect of the sport is very important, especially in cyclocross where you have to constantly keep on top of it. And the weird thing is that you really don’t know until you clip in when the gun goes off how you are physically. And sometimes not even then. I know instantly whether I’m good, but if I’m not, sometimes I can fool myself into being good, mainly because of all the positive system checks I’ve done the over the past weeks. I guess they are good for something after all.

The van yesterday morning. 7 bikes, plus 4 people's stuff inside.

This is a parking lot outside Starbucks in Delavan Wisconsin. Man, they use a lot of salt here.

I saw this van in Kansas City of all places. It is the most rust rotted vehicle I've ever since. The photo doesn't do it justice. The whole van is painted with rust inhibitor, but it looks more like Swiss cheese everywhere. I can't believe that it's legal to drive it.

5 thoughts on “Psychotic????

  1. SB

    “I intellectually realize that none of this matters very much.”

    Glad you said that… also glad that as many starts as you’ve had, you still get nervous for the big ones.

  2. Bri

    Don’t confuse psychosis with passion. Not many guys that have raced at your caliber or those that did and are still doing it. Great to see you still take system checks because it shows that you are into what you are doing. Good luck and by all means Have Fun!

  3. Mr

    You landed just South of the snowline where it hovered at 32 F and rained with a strong threat to glaze over with ice, for days. This late in the year, with no significant snowfalls, the counties get desperate to dump salt and sand to justify the snowplow drivers existence on the books.

    Have fun playing in the mud with all this warm Springlike weather and good luck

  4. SamM

    I use to do all those checks, but now I’m down to two in the am. I am wake and I can get out of bed on my own.


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