Austin Whirlwind

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Okay, made it to Austin. Just in time, around 3:30, to barely miss the gridlock traffic. I got dressed pretty quickly and went for a ride. It is amazing how much better it feels just to not have something on your legs when you’re riding. Especially over your knees. It was in the lower 60’s, which felt balmy.

Anyway, I just got back with enough light to take Bromont for a couple mile run. Even though the Friday traffic is about everywhere, Ann’s neighborhood is relatively safe. People had already turned on most of their Christmas lights. I’ve never been to Austin before Christmas and was amazed how many people light up their yards. I’ll take some photos he next couple days of the best ones. They have a bigger selection of lights here than I’ve seen elsewhere.

Ann and I went out to dinner at an Italian place on Barton Springs Rd. called Romero’s. It was funky Austin dinning for sure. Good food, interesting ambiance. They had live music, which is everywhere here, but it was a group of 3 old guys, by old I mean maybe upper 60’s, and they were playing a pretty wide variety of music. All over the place from the Beatles, Led Zeplin, to the Bangles. Fun.

I ate too much last night. I’m one of those people that can’t stand to leave anything on my plate. No matter how full I am, I’ll always a member of the clean plate club. I don’t overeat very often. I know why because it makes you feel so rotten. Plus, I had two huge glasses of cheapish red wine. They nearly used a water glass for wine glasses. I have a mild hangover this morning.

Maybe it’s because of only sleep 4 hours and then driving 10, I don’t know, but I’m in a fog this morning. I even got up and took a shower first thing, which I hardly ever do. I slept 9 hours hard last night and now feel like I’m way short of time for the cross race at 1:30. I still have to put my race wheels on my bike and switch the pedals back from my road pedals. Okay, I’d better get going.

The early morning driving yesterday was a little sketchy. Foggy and a bunch of these. I'm not sure how many states allow semis to have three trailers. I don't think many.

This truck seemed a little precarious.

Bromont's position for 10 hours straight. He is a traveling machine.

I’ve been watching this house being built for the last year. I guess it is done now. I like the way they have enclosed a tree inside their living space.

10 thoughts on “Austin Whirlwind

  1. Quinn

    That’s funny I was at Romeo’s last night too. I was in the small room off to the left of the brother’s band (I’m not sure they were actually brothers). Too bad I missed you. Enjoy your Austin stay. Small world.

  2. James B

    Hey Steve,
    Looks like Bromont travels with a dog seatbelt on. If so, good for you. Being a fireman, I can’t tell you how many dead dogs I’ve seen because people don’t belt there animals while driving. It takes just a minor accident and the dogs in the windshield

  3. Julie Bogacki-Davis

    James–I think I’m going to go out and buy some belts for my dogs due to your response 🙂

  4. chuck martel

    It’ll make everybody irate to read this but for several reasons pets shouldn’t be allowed in the passenger area of an automobile. First of all, as the fireman says, it’s dangerous for the animal and ultimately unfair to it. Second, since no one can predict the behavior of a pet, it’s a danger to others on the road as well. Imagine if you were boarding a jumbo and jet and saw a Lab sitting on the pilot’s lap. What would your response be? While meticulous statistics are kept on the relationship between alcohol and traffic accidents, I’m not aware of any research on the consequences of other distractions in the car, consumption of cheeseburgers, for instance, or the presence of dogs. In spite of the fact that television accounts of collisions frequently depict car interiors littered with beer cans, we never see footage of dashboards smeared with ketchup and pickles from a Big Mac or the body of a poodle on the floor when such occurrences are a statistical certainty. I’m not saying that your dog should wear a seat belt, I’m opposed to all seat belt laws, but the current logical inconsistency is fascinating.

  5. tilford97 Post author

    Chuck-Dogs shouldn’t be allowed in the passenger area? Does that mean they have to be in the trunk? Or in a carrier in the back?

    I’m sure there are instances where animals in automobiles have helped contribute to an accident. No doubt about that. But, from my experience, which is pretty extensive, there really isn’t any problem with dogs being in a car. There are 1000’s of other distractions that are more dangerous.

  6. Lalla

    Girlfriends should always travel in the trunk, talk about unpredictable! By the way I always drive with my driving helmet on too. Never can be too safe these days.

  7. SB

    I’m wondering how long that roof will last after the first big windstorm starts moving that tree around.

  8. H Luce

    My aunt Jane took basset hounds to dog shows in her Cadillac, went through one Caddy per year back in the 60s and 70s… four or five bassets in the back seat, one person in the back, me in the front seat, a mint julep on the seat beside me with a full bottle of bourbon on the floor for refreshing the drink … did this hundreds of times, and she never had a wreck. She got pulled over for speeding a couple of times, but that was it, and she always talked her way out of the ticket. I don’t advocate this course of conduct nowadays, by the way.

  9. chuck martel

    Not to belabor the point, but anyone that thinks dogs or other animals on the front seat of a car is OK should talk to author Steven King about it. While out jogging along a road near his home he was struck by a car, the driver of which was distracted by his dog. It has changed his life forever.


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