Heading South, Austin Texas

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As you read this I’m probably in Oklahoma. Or hope to be. I’ve had enough of this 20 something degree Kansas weather and have decided to do the 10 hour drive down to Austin Texas. There are a couple cyclocross races there this weekend and my friend, Ann, is having a holiday party Sunday night that is not to be missed.

I can’t believe that by December I haven’t gotten much of any of my cyclocross race equipment together. Supposedly the FMB tires I had made, with the Michelin Mud 2 tread, are on their way to Texas from Belgium. They should be there early next week I hope. TRP is sending some new brakes, which I truly need and appreciate. I’m still thinking a little about riding discs on one bike, but haven’t gotten the wheel thing figured out yet.

I’m also thinking about stopping and getting a blood test on the way. I think my problem recently is cold and lack of sleep, maybe not in that order. That should change tonight. But, these online blood test being only $27, it seems cheap. It can’t hurt.

I checked the participates in the Masters Cyclocross Worlds. My category has the most with 42 people registered. That is about half of what we need to race a qualifying race. I’ve been playing phone tag with the promoter, Joan Hanscom, for the last few days. She is a busy woman, but sounds super nice on her messages. Here is a good interview with her. The only thing I doubt from the interview is that 400 riders are going to be coming from Europe. I’d give that a 0 percent chance of occurring since there are a total of 260 riders entered total as of now, about a month before the event.

Okay. That is about all I have for today. I like the drive to Texas. Pretty dramatic terrain difference in such a short way. It’s supposed to be raining from Sunday thru Wednesday. At least it will be semi warm rain.

Austin Texas has been seriously into 'cross since the 70's. A little before my time, but just.

12 thoughts on “Heading South, Austin Texas

  1. Joe Doyle

    Steve – welcome back to TX. Glad you’ll be racing at our venues in Austin. It promises to be a great time.

    Check out the TexasCX.com blog – it’s all about the series to date and more.

  2. JH Higgins

    I wouldn’t have known it was even a sport. Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, and the running craze in the late ’70’s, yes.

  3. sda

    Super stoked to see Skip H. and Freewheeling as sponsors on that flyer. I worked at that shop for a winter (’97 I think) while I was living/training in Austin and avoiding the Nebraska winter. Good group of fellas.

  4. Jesse Rients

    Hey Steve,

    I keep getting conflicting reports. Do you know if you race Elite Nationals if that automatically disqualifies you from Master’s Worlds?

  5. tilford97 Post author

    Jesse- Your good if you don’t finish in the top 10 of the race and get any UCI points. You can race the elite event, just stay out of the first 10.

  6. Scott Dickson

    That November 1978 poster was just 2 or 3 months before you showed up to train with us in Austin.

  7. Linda DuPriest

    Steve: If you’re looking for some fantastic training in the Hill Country, there’s nothing better than Fredericksburg, where we live. 70 mi from Austin. You can stay with us. 512/785-7751.

    MTBHOF class of 2000.


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