Black Friday

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Friday is a little black for me today. Yesterday, my tooth thing went south and I had to start taking antibiotics. My dentist told me I needed to take antibiotics, but I told him I didn’t want to. Man, yesterday I really wanted to in a big way. I feel pretty crappy today and if you’ve read this much, you know I don’t get along too well with them/antibiotics. I don’t know if it is more physical or mental, but the effect is the same. I ride like shit and usually for a while. The next three days should be interesting. Lucky I can’t really do well anyway.

My race is at 7:30 pm tonight under the lights. There is a 30% chance of rain tonight, 70% tomorrow. That descent is treacherous and it always seems to be mud. What’s up with that? Maybe I can talk someone else into driving today and I’ll sleep. That would be nice for a change. There are 30+ guys entered now in the Elite race at Jingle Cross, so that seems like a reasonable number.

Changing the subject, did you see that Missy Giove avoided jail time for her roll of the delivery of 350 pounds of pot a couple years ago? I thought that she was already in jail. Considering that she could have received up to 40 years, seems like she should be pretty happy. Missy likes to go big in about everything she does.

Okay, I’d better get going. I like the drive up to Iowa. There is a Caribou Coffee stop in West Des Moines that breaks up the trip. It looks like it is going to be 30 mph tailwind most of the way, with the wind coming from the SSW, so that is always good. It seems like I have headwind driving way more than 50% of the time, which just seems wrong.

Pie selection from Thanksgiving.

Missy with her piranha.

Missy going big on her bike.

5 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. JoeVee

    Our mouths are supremely unclean. Give the bacteria a chance to get a foothold – from dental work or injury – where they don’t belong and all hell WILL break loose.

    You’re not going to avoid taking antibiotics with a root canal. The work is just too invasive and that root canal was done for a reason – it was full of infection!.

    Sorry but thems the rules.

  2. jp

    agreed, denatl issues can become serious and even lead to heart issues, please take the antibiotics…I rode with Jim Cummings today, I think that was his name, he is living in Pa. He said he knows you from Ks.


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