Thanksgiving Sports Viewing Alternative

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If you’re not a Packers fan, maybe you’d like to view some other sport other than football this afternoon. I saw this at BikeSnobNYC and thought it would be nice to post on Thanksgiving afternoon. It’s mainly just the first 3 guys in the 1997 Worlds, with Thomas Frischknecht riding straight bars on his cross bike against two Italians. It is so strange that Thomas was such a purest when he first came to the US in 1990. He wouldn’t even ride clipless MTB pedals the first year. I gave him some Shimano pedals and he didn’t use them until half the cross season was over the next fall. Later, he became the leader in innovation, with flat bars in cross, tubular tires in MTB marathon racing, etc. I think he realized that there is the best equipment for each and every condition and you might as well be riding it if you have the opportunity. That was until the UCI puts a stop to it. Okay, enough, enjoy.

1997 Cyclo-X Worlds

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