Winter in California

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I was walking around Jimmy Mac’s back porch, barefoot, when his wife, Gail (Gale?), said something like it really feels like winter. I was in shorts and short sleeves and just picked a bunch of fresh oranges off their tree. I was wondering what Gail was noticing that gave her the inclination that winter had arrived? Yesterday was cooler, but in the mid 60’s. Today is in the lower 50’s, but damp. It is supposed to be raining all afternoon again. Maybe that is winter in Southern California? I don’t know, but it feels alright to me. I rode 3 1/2 hours yesterday through Rancho Santa Fe, but I did have arm warmers on when I started.

I went down the hill this morning to have breakfast with Don and Sue in La Jolla. There are tons of great places to eat. There is also a farmer’s market. I posted pictures a few months back, but I’ll put a couple more here. It is amazing how big and all encompassing the thing is. So many choices of fresh vegetables, bakery items, rugs, jewelry, etc. I bought a couple cinnamon rolls and called it a day.

I’m going to ride a little now and see how it feels. I have a head cold. I think it is from the dusty races last weekend, plus the Santa Anna’s blowing in from the desert, but maybe it was from flying here. I don’t know. I don’t feel that horrible, but can envision feeling a lot worse when I get back to Kansas in a couple days. I feel like I’m kind of teetering on the brink of getting well or going to the dark side. The cross race isn’t until this afternoon. I’ll know more about my body and the weather by then.

This is one of my favorite houses in La Jolla. It hangs over the cliff walk, where the pelicans roost for the night.

This statue is in Cardiff and they dress it up for different occasions. The is for breast cancer awareness.

Since we can't sell wine in the grocery stores in Kansas, it always seems foreign to me when I go into a grocery in California and there are isles upon isles of wines.

This family was ahead of me in the bakery in Rancho. They are wearing their down sweaters when I was wearning shorts and short sleeves.

This old cart is in La Jolla. The canoe/boat is hand carved.

And these photos are for Ted, who didn’t like my picture from a couple days ago of “exotic” cars. These photos were all taken in a 100 meter walk, parked on the street. You know, out for the Sunday drive, breakfast gaunt.

3 thoughts on “Winter in California

  1. deb

    it was the santa ana’s, i’m sure! you have to drink a TON of water, and take “wellness pills” (from the health food store) at the first hint of a cold ta nip it in the bud!

  2. JR

    Rain = winter in southern California

    aisles, not isles (islands) for the record

    You certainly have an interesting life & it’s fun to read about it! Keep it up.

  3. WildCat

    Steve, I feel ‘ya. Perception is a funny thing. I still haven’t worn pants this fall. And I consider it fall here in KS until January. Then we have winter until March. But even then I can go weeks in January/February without wearing pants. If there’s snow on the ground I put pants on though. However, sometimes I do that just so I don’t have to deal with the weird looks and smart-a$$ comments from people. I will do jackets and coats though. Maybe it’s a cyclist thing, but my legs don’t really get cold. I had a nice 46-degree ride the other day with only the addition of arm-warmers complimenting my kit. As long as my core is warm I’m comfortable. Maybe we’re still working out some of those fifty 100+degree days this last summer.


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