Stormin’ in Southern California

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I think yesterday might of been the first day I’ve ever traveled to Southern California and haven’t ridden. It pretty much rained the whole day. I was planning on riding still, even if it was just raining, but by the time we drove from Jimmy Mac’s down to La Jolla, the weather turned pretty bad. I got dressed to go ride, but didn’t even make it down the hill before turning around. These guys say that there are never thunderstorms here, but there was definitely thunder and lightening. Plus, it was coldish, in the lower 50’s.

We stopped in Beverly Hills on Melrose Avenue to walk around a little on the way back. That district is something that you’ll not find anywhere else on this planet. The building, the people and the clothing are all beyond unique. It is kind of bohemian with a California twist. Super interesting, but just for a little bit.

We were going to go by the Getty Museum, but with the rain coming down in sheets, we figured our stop would just get us stuck in LA traffic for hours, so we baled. I’ve been there before, so it wasn’t such a loss.

I feel kind of iffy right now riding, so maybe the day off was okay. There is a cyclocross in Longbeach tomorrow. Maybe, with all the rain, it won’t be so dusty. Don and Sue are trying to get me up to the mountains to Idyllwild, where they have a mountain house. I guess we’re going to ride here this morning and try to figure out the rest of the weekend later. No rain today, the sky is clear. It should be a zoo on the coast. Not from tourists, but from cyclists, which is always good.

Jimmy Mac's pump track in his backyard.

The buildings on Melrose Avenue are over the top. It was a pretty big change from hanging out in the morning at Jimmy Mac's rural abode.

The shoe stores are everywhere with most of the shoes looking somewhat like this.

Or like this.