Happy Halloween

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Halloween in Southern California seems to be more of a happening than other places. For sure, more than Topeka. People here seem to really want to go out of there way to put on costumes and party. Saturday I went to a Halloween party up near Rancho Santa Fe. It was incredible. The house was on a horse farm, but that aside, they spent a ton of $$$$ and effort to make up the whole ranch. They had a haunted walk, skeletons in their pool, and an awesome band dressed in costumes. Before the party we went into Encinitas for dinner and over half the people there were in costumes. I like Hallowen. A couple dressed as twin Lady Gaga’s won the costume contest at my party. Last time the same couple won for their ass-less chaps ensemble. I’m glad they were dressed as Lady Gaga this year. Anyway, enjoy the evening. Go for a Halloween ride.

Sue and 1/2 the Lady Gaga winner.

Pool with skeletons, band in the background.

Me. It wasn't my idea.

Bromont is going as a St. Bernard this year.

My friends Nan and Adam Gatewood getting ready for trick-or-treaters tonight.

A restaurant in La Jolla I rode by this afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. andy

    Don’t people still go out to that old church/house and graveyard in Stull? Something about it being a gateway to hell or whatnot…

  2. Rod Lake

    First, props to Bromont on the costume. He fooled me. Second, and not to stir up old controversy, but wanted to let you know I’ve seen the light. Given the choice of saving a drowning possum or a Kardashian, I vote possum. Thank you for helping me make choices that make the world a better place.


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