Jane Goodall LIVE Tuesday in theaters near you

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Michael Aisner, of Coor’s Classic fame has set this up. It might be the best $$$ that you ever spent. Click on the info below to see how close it is to you. It’s showing here in Topeka.

2 thoughts on “Jane Goodall LIVE Tuesday in theaters near you

  1. trey h.

    You’re right Steve. I had the pleasure of eating dinner with Jane Goodall about a decade ago. She profoundly changed my views re: apes in captivity (I was already on board re: habitat conservation/human population…hence my career trajectory). What a powerful ambassador for conservation. One of the most memorable evenings of my life.

  2. jp

    It scares me to think when Jane is gone, they didn’t make to many like her and the new batch don’t have a clue. I try to do what I can and its not even close. You never know what you will come acoss on this blog, who knew ?


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