Antique Boat Show – Fontana, Wisconsin

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Yesterday we drove up to Delavan, Wi, about 15 miles Northwest of Lake Geneva, Wi. I decided it would be better not to go over to the course and get all worn out before the race. It is just a mile around. How long can it take to get a course that long down? Anyway, I went out for a couple hour ride that turned out to be longer. I had arranged to get some antibiotic ointment for my eyes sent to the Walgreen’s in Lake Geneva. It was a total screwup. I waited there over 30 minutes, just to be told that they didn’t have it. So, I then rode to Fontana, a town on the Southwest end of Lake Geneva, to go to an antique boat show.

It was incredible. Each and every boat was a work of art. I could have spent days looking at each and everyone of the boats. I’m going to post just a few pictures below, but am going to make a slideshow later to show all the photos.

So, I’m off to Madison now. It’s an hour drive. I don’t have enough time to get over to Lake Geneva before the race to get the prescription, so am going to try to get back here before the pharmacy closes. It is supposed to be raining on and off all afternoon. I can’t decide it that is a good thing or bad thing for my results. Probably good. Plus, I think that you have to race in muddy conditions to get better/or reacquainted with the bike handling in muddy conditions. I’m not feeling that great, but there is no downside to be at the biggest cyclocross race in the nation.

These are just a few of the boats. There were 10 X as many. You can click twice to enlarge them.

3 thoughts on “Antique Boat Show – Fontana, Wisconsin

  1. jt

    boats are great…when other people own them. That said, you might be onto something to give that poor van a rest. You can travel to cross races via the Missouri, Mississippi, Platte and Ohio Rivers:^)

  2. Jim Cossitt

    Wow, memory lane. My Dad lived in LG from 66-75 and I spent many days on the lake, racing sailboats, being a kid and goofing off. During those years, he bought a 1957 Chriscraft Continential and had it restored, looked a lot like the boats you saw. We used to ski behind it for hours. Later, in the 76-77, I lived in LG for a while and rode extensively in the area. Thanks for the trip down memory lane . . hope you are well.


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