Madison Bound, Friday Misc., First Day of Fall

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I guess I’m going to drive up to Madison later this morning and check out the course for the races this weekend. I’m always much more tired 2 days after a race than the first day. I’ve never really figured that out. I didn’t race the Madison races last year, but I’ve raced there in the past. Lots of turns and kind of dusty.

Lots of stuff is going on in the news that is pretty interesting all the way up to super interesting.

The super interesting stuff, at least to me is the discovery at CERN that something can move faster than the speed of light. They measured neutrinos moving significantly faster that the 186,000 miles/per second of light. If proven true, that throws a gigantic wrench into Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I don’t know how long it is going to take Fermilab or the Japanese to prove or disprove this discovery, but if true, physics might be back at square one.

Lance and a few others seem to be in more trouble with money laudering. Denis Menchov and Michele Scarponi are in the same boat. Here is the link at Cyclingnews for the article.

Chequamegon Area Trails got grant to improve the trails and maybe add some single track at the end of the race? This article at Cyclingnews says they are putting a little single track in on the North End that is going to be used in the race. I’ve been an advocate for adding singletrack for sometime. Hopefully it is going to happen now.

And finally, today is officially the first day of fall. It is the autumnal equinox today, the day when night are equal times. It is only the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere BTW. Fall is for cyclo-x. Actually, this year, with Nationals being in Madison, winter is for cyclo-x.

On the way up from St. Louis, we stopped in Bloomington, Illinois, at a great coffeeshop, the Coffee Hound. Super good coffee and a great atmospher.

The floor at the Coffee Hound was awesome.

And nothing beats the smell of fresh roasted coffee.

Most the suburbs in Northwest Chicago plant trees on the city easements. I think it is a great idea. It makes the neighborhoods seems so much more like neighborhoods.

Here is a great photo of Lucy Garner, Great Britain, winning the Junior Worlds today. Congratulations! More photos and article.

Here’s how not to dismount quickly.

9 thoughts on “Madison Bound, Friday Misc., First Day of Fall

  1. Ken

    That is the most impressive barrier fail I’ve ever seen.
    Other interesting news: Full Tilt Poker was shut down by the Feds as a Ponzi scheme, they raided customers accounts to the tune of more than $400 million.

  2. Kirby

    The Opera result is really interesting, but sadly is probably going to come down to finding a cable that is 10 ft longer than they thought. Of course, the fact that they can sync two clocks 730 km apart to better than one billionth of a second is phenomenal work.

  3. Seis_Pendejos

    The cross dismount is staged. If you go frame by frame, you’ll see that he lets go of the handle bar with his left hand when the front wheel is still about four feet away from the barrier. Then he lets go with his right hand when the wheel is about a foot away. And his legs never hit the barrier – he just jumps and rolls.

  4. Aaron

    Really enjoy the blog and finally have a reason to comment. In addition to having great coffee, Coffe Hounds supports cycling by sponsoring the Bloomington Cycle and Fitness race team.

    – Aaron in Bloomington

  5. bob

    haha reminds me of my first cross race
    i was using a converted road bike with pretty poor brakes. I had to brake before everyone else in order to stop and dismount. Halfway through the race i was pretty tired stuck in a small pack of riders locked on a wheel looking down and didnt notice how quickly we were coming up to the barrier, i realized in a split second everyone else was dismounting, before i could even brake i plowed into the barrier full speed, cracking it badly before knocking it over.

  6. JimW

    Yes that’s right it’s staged.
    Joey took the time and spent the money to perform a fake crash at the race to increase his internet fames.
    Is this the velo news comments section?

  7. Jim

    “It is in the nature of science that for every new and important discovery there will be hundreds of false alarms.”
    It seems every 7-10 yrs. or so there’s a claim of trace evidence of some particle or light travelling greater than the speed of light, like accelerating around a gravitational force or black hole or somesuch. I’m just talking out my ass here; my friend’s next door neighbor is the “world’s foremost authority” on string theory. Maybe I should ask him to ask him, though he might just get a blood curdling stare.

  8. Neil Kopitsky

    With apologies to Jim Carroll:

    Herbie yelled for Joey at the front of the race
    Joey knew that his dismount would be full of grace
    But Herbie sure caused Joey to PLANT HIS FACE
    “HEY” Herbie yelled “JOEY [CAN YOU FLY?”]
    But Joey couldn’t fly . . . uh, well, apparently he could actually.


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