Labor Day Racing – Steamboat Springs

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I can’t believe it is Labor Day already. I’ve always done the Gateway Cup in St. Louis, but racing in Steamboat Springs seemed to be in the cards this year. I was already at altitude and Trudi was coming back through Denver for 3 days, so it worked out well.

Yesterday I went out and did a 2 hour ride with Kent, Sue, and Rishi Grewal. (And no, I didn’t find out what Alexi is up to.) After the ride we rode back to Kent’s place and went down to the Yampa RIver and swam. That was definitely the highlight of the day. The water was so refreshing. Bromont got into the mix and didn’t mind jumping right into the white water to cross.

So there is a 6.5 mile TT at 4:30. Now Kent says he might have some fast wheels and clip on bars for me to use. I’m not sure I want to go to all that trouble, but probably will. I had been feeling pretty good riding up at altitude, but ever since I’ve been in Steamboat I’m been kind of mediocre. Katie says it is bad allergies since they are harvesting all the hay here now. I don’t know the reason, but it isn’t the same good feelings as Silverthorne. I need to get some race miles though.

I’m going so for a ride this morning and mess with my bike later. There is a first Friday art walk in town this evening from 5-8pm. Got to get done with the TT quick to get to the wine tasting.

Kent and Katie's house up the aspen grove.

Another view from the side. The logs are aspen.

Welding a frame at Eriksen Cycles.

Rishi's training bike. (The Etto helmet isn't his. Just for the photo.)

Rishi coming out of the Yampa River. He thought the water was cold. Not compared to the lakes in Wisconsin.

We walked down the road towards the hotsprings yesterday evening. Here's Sue and Trudi checking out the storm coming in.

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    fyi, you need to fix your copyright line:
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  2. jt

    Tinker called, he wants his lid back

    Like how Rishi is rocking the 90’s retro ride. With the stealthy and aero mounting of the Silca pump. Bet he is a sleeper on the local rides as he is still strong like bull …and has classy meat hooks with which he can get aero


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