Steamboat Springs

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Yesterday we drove from Denver up to Steamboat Springs. We got here just in time for the final race of the MTB season here in town. The problem was that a crazy isolated storm blew in 15 minutes before the race and it was a deluge of rain. The race was cancelled. So, I went out of an hour ride up the time trial course for tomorrow’s race.

We’re staying at Kent and Katie Eriksen’s house up towards the hot springs, about 7 miles up the mountain. It is quite a drive here. It was super nice waking up in the aspen trees. His house is completely surrounded by an aspen forest. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Sue and Trudi went cowboy boot shopping yesterday during the rain storm. They aren’t even close to cheap. More like pretty expensive. But I guess they are a lifetime purchase, so maybe the cost shouldn’t matter that much.

I’m racing a four day stage race here starting tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t raced in Colorado on the road for ages. It should be interesting. Tomorrow is a 6.5 mile TT, but I only have my normal road bike, so I doubt it is going to go that well. I’m just here for training and the experience, so it should be pretty low pressure. At least as low pressure as it can be on race days.

Katie and Kent are going to take some time off from building frames to ride this afternoon. That’s all I have on my agenda. Pretty nice day. Bromont is running crazy in the woods here, so he’s in dog heaven. Okay, I’d better get the day going.

Rishi Grewal lives here and is coaching the high school MTB team. I'm going to ride with him this afternoon.

Sue and Trudi trying on cowboy boots at F.M. Lights in Steamboat.

Kent putting hot sauce on a ice cream taco after dinner last night.

I hunkered down during the storm under this pagoda with this guy.

9 thoughts on “Steamboat Springs

  1. Julie Bogacki-Davis

    Steve–say hi to Kent for me–he is an old friend. I used to live in Steamboat for a while. In fact spent some time in FM lights. Boots are expensive but can last many years. I’m still wearing a pair I purchased 18 years ago! Enjoy your stay in Steamboat 🙂

  2. jp

    i feel a cool pair of cowboy boots are a must have and worth the price you will pay. Make sure you love them and they are a good fit though. How is the tick situation with Bromont, do you find many on him ? Is Tamie Jacques Rishi’s wife ? You should get some scoop on her, I was always a big fan as we are similar in size and I was always you could say in love with her as in an athlete back in the day when we were all mtb racing. I read she had weird health issues and hope they are better now, I have been battling some myself and its pretty sucky. I think maybe she jumped into some races after starting to feel better which is nice to have heard about. Sounds like a super awsome trip, who is taking care of Microcat ?

  3. john coyle

    Wow.. Last time I saw Rishi Grewal was trying to best him at midnight high jumps at the Olympic training center in Co Springs before heading to jr. worlds in Casablanca, Morocco. Tell him hello from me.

  4. IowaGriz

    Wildcat – google National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). They are behind the movement to get high school mtb’ing in all 50 states. You could help with the push in your state.

  5. TC

    Wow, all your travels as of recent, with all these friends in different places, and in some way or another tied to cycling…… I only hope that my inner circle of cycling friends will someday lead me to a similar lifestyle when I am your age. It seems like a really peaceful/fulfilling experience to be able to spend so much time with good friends in the mountains. I am a bit envious, then remember that I still have a lot of life ahead of me! Enjoy it for all of us who are in the grind…..PS, leaving for my first Gateway Experience in about 30min! Should be fun!


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