Rode to Vail

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Yesterday was a great day to be on a bike. I rode from Silverthorne over to Vail. I came back around Lake Dillion to make it a little over 4 hours. I was surprised, pleasantly, that I felt alright at altitude. I had a 19 mph average, which seems really quick considering I had to go over Vail Pass each direction.

The town of Vail has exploded since the Coor’s Classic days. I can’t believe they can build so many more buildings on top of where there were already buildings. They did a really nice job of keeping the mountain atmosphere though. It is a very nice place.

Tomorrow is the time trial up to Vail Pass in the Pro Challenge. If the wind is anything like it was yesterday, the times are going to be super fast. The TT is 10 miles, but only 1/2 of it is climbing. And not that steep. I was cruising on the frontage road at 25mph and the climb seemed pretty easy too with so much wind at my back.

Dennis Kruse, from Cable, just drove over this morning. He’s been staying in Steamboat with Kent Eriksen. I think we’re going to drive over to Leadville and ride up Independence Pass to watch the race today, but it’s up to Dennis. I don’t mind watching bike races, but I figure I have 4 days of bike race spectating ahead, so I’m not that big on extending that streak to 5, especially if I have to drive to ride. I’m not big at all, driving to ride my bike.

Heading towards Vail at the top of Vail Pass.

Looking down at Vail from the TT course.

Vail has exploded with high end hotels and condos.

Hawkeye must of been a little short of water after the drive.

Dennis has a pretty nice setup in his van. Bikes and bed.

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