Everyone Against the Colombians at the Pro Challenge?

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I was thinking about how I thought the Pro Challenge is going to play out this week and I’ve come to the conclusion that eventually it is going to be all the European Pros against the Colombians.

I’ve seen it happen before when all the Pro teams used to gang up on the Russians before the Iron Curtain came down. I’m pretty sure that the Pro guys from Europe aren’t going to appreciate the agressive, go-from-the-gun style that the Colombian riders employ.

So, eventually they will ban together so one of their own wins. With two Columbian teams in the race, it might be harder than you’d think. It will be very interesting to observe.

10 thoughts on “Everyone Against the Colombians at the Pro Challenge?

  1. Jim

    I’m pulling for the Columbos. There are way too many poor people in Columbia; they need this.

  2. JimW

    There is a new post at Cycling Inquisition dealing with exactly that topic.

    Klaus shares the very interesting Colombian perspective on bicycles that is fascinating. The bicycle is so much more there it amazes me. Excellent reading for the racing stories or the country’s history and culture. It’s all deeply intertwined.

    I suggest you check it out Jim and don’t forget the second vowel is always and O when we talk climbers.

  3. Matt Gibble

    I think it would be awesome if they blew the thing wide open. For the last two weeks here in Denver (while the press has been exciting and awesome) all we read about is Garmin/TD.

  4. e-RICHIE

    i was working the race for shimano the year it ended with a win for boyer. he had the then0near impossible task of making up some 2 minutes on columbian antonio londonio (sp) with only the north boulder park crit to go. back then it seems like an eternity. when the gun fired, a break with boyer went in the first 10 seconds and they went on to lap the field three times. if i recall, bauer won. anyway, ther were combines inside of other combines. few saw it until the race film came out, but boyer, along with several others, were on the inside corner first row all holding each other up (as in, no feet on the ground) as the official was about to begin the race. did i mention that londonio was from columbia atmo?

  5. jza

    The Colombians just blow the race up and let the chips fall where they may. Maybe they win, maybe they crack.

    Euro pro’s don’t like racing that way. Way more measured, preserve your spot is priority #1. All defense.

    Though the Sevilla situation probably doesn’t create a lot of goodwill.

  6. Jim

    JimW, thanks for the referral. Excellent story. I said Columbo in reference to the Peter Falk fans here.
    Imagine Gobernacion wearing trench coats, smoking cigars with one glass eye.


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