Road Trip

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Trudi is making the drive from the Tour of Utah to the Pro Challenge in Colorado. It is a ways. Anyway, she was loading up in Park City after the BMC guys got back from their ride today, and Chiara, Cadel’s wife came over and said she wanted to drive instead of fly. That was pretty cool. She said she’d never seen most of the United States. I think she has only been here once before. So, they loaded up and followed the GPS to Colorado Springs. I think it took them on Hwy. 40, through Steamboat, Vail and then back onto Interstate. It seemed like a weird way to go, but it was pretty scenic I bet. Okay, below are some photos they sent.

Trudi and Chiara road trippin'.

Maybe Dinosaur Colorado?

Approaching Glenwood Springs.

In Vail for soup.

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  1. Sal Ruibal

    Hope the Evans family enjoys my native state of Colorado. Stop by Washington DC and we’ll give ya the First-Class Tour.


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