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It is official, Philippe Gilbert has signed with BMC for the next three seasons. I kept reading everywhere that Gilbert would be stupid to do just that, but I disagree. It is going to be nearly impossible for him to repeat the season he had this year. That just won’t happen. I think that having Thor, Greg Van Avermaet, and even Cadel helping him in the classics will definitely give him a great chance of winning more often. I’ve never been bummed having the best guys in the peleton on my team, so I can’t understand why he would. Three seasons goes to show that BMC is in it for the long run, which is very good for the sport.

Riding yesterday, I was thinking that it will be kind of boring when all these positives for doping disappear from the sport, thus the media. I hate to say it, but when there isn’t a good race going on, I kind of look forward to the “gossip” of who’s been caught. I know that sounds bad, but it is just how it is. That being said, I would gladly put up with the everyday, boring, cycling press if we’d all get our shit together and put all this drug stuff in the past.

There was a huge storm here last night. I don’t know how much it rained, but it was coming down in buckets. The streets were full, gutter to gutter. Tons of branches down. We haven’t had electricity since last night. It is strange how much one depends on that. I had to go and use my car to charge my cell phone this morning. It is weird not being able to just get on the internet, or use the refrigerator, stove, etc. I have no idea when they are going to get around to fixing it. I wonder how long stuff stays frozen in the freezer? Guess I might find out.

There are two races this weekend in Missouri. A criterium in Sedalia on Saturday night at 9pm and then the Otterville Road Race at 9 am the next morning. It kind of a short turnaround, but both the races are fun and on good courses. I’m 90% in. The other 10% is leaning towards heading to Colorado. Maybe I’m closer to 70/30. I might check to see if there is anything going on out there for races on Sunday.

Team mates for the classics, Gilbert & Thor.

7 thoughts on “BMC Super Team

  1. Jim

    Nothing wrong with a Super Team per se, but I’d really like to see Fabian take it to these guys, as weak as Leopard is in support.
    Underdog favorite comes to mind.

  2. Scott Bulfinch

    The freezer should be good for up to 4 days if you don’t open it, & if it is fairly full to begin with. Refrigerators don’t last too long, though. Played the same game in Lincoln, NE 2 weekends ago, but really learned the fine points during hurricane seasons in FL years past.

  3. Ted Lewandowski

    That is why I always have a notebook fully charged during the summer – if power goes out in the area there is a good chance I can pick up wi-fi nearby (our property is on a state line so if we lose power in Rhode Island there is a good bet Massachusetts will not be affected). Also have a small generator (got it on eBay) for the fridge if it lasts more than 12 hours.
    When I was driving for entertainers – the custom Van Hools would have a lounge and a kitchen area and either bunks or a rear bedroom – and I never ran the generator at night for the fridge – never had any issues – food would still be cold in the AM.

    Personally I can see a major conflict between Thor and Phillipe when it will come down who is going to be led out.


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