Iowa State Fair 2011

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Yesterday was a long one. I woke up and took Bromont out on my MTB bike in the woods, swam in the lake and then headed south. I drove down from Cable Wisconsin to Des Moines to go to the Iowa State Fair. Michael Fatka rode his bike from Ames to meet up with me (check out his bike in the slideshow, it is sooooo heavy). Lynn met up with us. The fair was 1/2 price after 5pm, which was $5. I thought I was late and was going to miss a lot of things. Not even close. The lines were crazy long going in. I parked for $5 in someone’s yard a couple blocks away. I needed shade since Bromont was hanging in the van. It is pretty fun parking in someone’s front yard for some reason.

Anyway, it was great, as I had thought. I like to look at the animals, mainly. Plus, the people watching is unparalleled. The dress of choice for females is either a sundress or short shorts, with cowboy boots. It is a pretty good look. The guys just dress all over. There is lots of food being consumed. Large beers for sure. And lots of fried stuff.

Yes, I bought the fried butter on a stick. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. It was $4 and they were selling them as fast as they could fry them up. It wasn’t as bad as you’d think. Actually, it was good. I shared it with Michael, who ate the majority of the thing. I took the first bite and most of the butter popped out of the thing right then. There was just a bit left at the end on the stick. It is in the slideshow below. It kind of tasted like a cinnamon roll.

We stayed until around 10pm and it was super crowed still. I have no idea when it closes. But, I needed to get going to head back to Kansas. I didn’t get back until nearly 2 am. Bromont is trying to recover still from his micro training camp up in the woods. I’m a little tweeked, but not horrible.

Okay, below is some of the photos from the fair. I like the white chicken one the best.

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  1. WildCat


    I like the slideshow, but next time could you not do it on “shuffle”. Kept getting the same pics over and over. Had to watch for a while to eventually see them all.

  2. tilford97 Post author

    I agree, but don’t really know how to get it off the shuffle mode. This wordpress thing is kind of complicated. Sorry. I’ll check into it.


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