Lawson’s Victory Salute at Tour de Guadeloupe

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Here is a video of Lawson Craddock winning a stage at the Tour de Guadeloupe. Check it out. It is awesome. I’ve never thrown my arms up from on the ground. Here is a link to the article at Velonews. You could check out his blog, link on the right column, but don’t. He hasn’t updated it since April. Come on Lawson!

5 thoughts on “Lawson’s Victory Salute at Tour de Guadeloupe

  1. Jim

    I have to ask what the driver of the car was doing that close to a rider? That seems a little more than stupid.

  2. robert

    i know thats bad that I laughed at that clip, yet still funny, especially after he fell right on his ass and he once again threw his hands up in the air….

  3. tilford97 Post author

    I agree. What is so special about this sequence is the mental attitude. There isn’t any thought of being pissed or mad, it’s just pure happiness of winning the race. Even when he’s sitting on his ass on the ground after being crashed. That is what it is all about.


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