Philip Gilbert

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Man, that guy is truly the energizer bunny. But, he has the goods to back it up obviously.

Let’s get the time table down. He races the Tour de France. That is 20 out of 22 days. Then he does the post Tour crit circuit. I think he did 4 out of the last 5 days. That is including racing just yesterday evening for 2 hours in the Cibel Na-Tourcriterium Saint-Niklaas, in Belgium, finishing 2nd to Cadel. Then he flies to San Sebastian and spanks everyone to finish alone in a Pro Tour event there.

So, he’s raced 25 out of 28 days and still has the juice to ride away solo to win a World Cup. Okay, the post Tour criteriums aren’t really races. They are fixed, but that doesn’t mean that they are easy necessarily. It’s easy on your mind, but you still have to put out a lot of physical effort to ride them. That isn’t counting the travel and hectic schedule. It is mind boggling the amount of recovery that guy possesses.

I guess we all find out pretty shortly where he is ending up next season. I’m banking on BMC, but don’t know for sure. It was leaked that Thor has already signed with BMC, so that would make a pretty unbelievable classic team with George and Greg Van Avermaet, who finished 3rd in San Sebastian.

Early next week should be exciting with the Debt Ceiling problem and riders announcing their teams.

3 thoughts on “Philip Gilbert

  1. SB

    Yeah I sure hope he’s clean. And I hate that I have to say that. Did you see the USADA showed up at the Texas TT’s today?

  2. Jim

    I wonder about the BMC debt ceiling!
    Also, how will this work with Thor (assuming he is on the team)?


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