Cadel wins Twice in a Week

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Here is a photo of Cadel winning a start $$$ race, in Belgium. He outsprinted Philip Gilbert at the end. Surprise, surprise. I guess maybe Gilbert is tired after “racing” virtually everyday since the Tour finished. I guess it’s good for the sport show casing the jerseys in these exhibition races.

4 thoughts on “Cadel wins Twice in a Week

  1. Bill Humphreys

    Good for Cadel taking the time and $ to ride these events. They are huge and great showcases for the common man to get an up close look at the Tour Stars.

  2. Big E

    I love it when they have guys like Frank or Andy Schleck beat sprinters in races like this. It makes me giggle. But good for them. Make the money while you can.

  3. DavidA

    I think alot of these after Tour crits in Holland and Belgium are somewhat fixed in that they tell the riders who will be in the top 3 to 5 and pay them big start money and primes and prizes for a great show for the local people at the carnival or fair going. They still race hard and put on a show, but it is pro business as usual. I remember the story of Willy Planckaert who after he won the green jersey in the tour, came home and saved the farm in Nevele by dumping a suitcase full of money on the kitchen table after a month of post-tour crits + start contracts.

  4. Sean YD

    It was widely reported that Cadel Evans received 45,000 Euro (about $65,000) for starting this criterium. He raced another one Saturday night and has another in Holland on Tuesday.


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